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06 October 2010

We have a fabulous guest today. Laura Cochran Moffat of LPC Interiors sent me South Carolina and agreed to share some things she loves about her beautiful state. Take it away, Laura!
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I was born and raised in South Carolina and have never lived anywhere else- I am a true Carolina girl and love everything about my state!  I live in the foothills (not too far from the mountains) but I love the low country.  My favorite place to visit is Beaufort, SC.  It's about an hour south of Charleston, SC and a little less than an hour north of Savannah, GA.  My husband and I just got back from a week long vacation there.  It's such a beautiful, peaceful place and we try to go at least twice a year.
We spent most of the week relaxing-sitting on our private dock while watching dolphins swim and play, spotting deer in the woods while golfing (also saw an alligator up close!) 
The wildlife is simply amazing.  We woke up to picture perfect sunrises every morning (so much for sleeping in on vacation!) and watched the sunset every night.  What is it about the sunrises and sunsets at the beach?  So intense!
We went to the drive-in movies (my first time to one!)  It was fun but I must admit that I feel asleep :) you have to stay up pretty late!
We also bought some fresh seafood at Gay Fish Company and made some delicious meals!  Nothing better than fresh seafood.
We love to go to downtown Beaufort- it's like a mini Charleston, SC but without all the traffic, one way streets, and blazing heat!  Beaufort has a fabulous breeze at all times. Some of our favorite restaurants are Nippy's (best fish tacos ever), Luther's Rare & Well Done (great burgers), Plum's (has fantastic food- I have never eaten anything that wasn't hands down amazing)  There are plenty of great shops downtown too- everything from antique stores to book stores.  I got a little Christmas shopping done!
A must do is the a boat tour on Captain Dick's Beaufort River Tour- ask for Lawrence.  (He's a great guide) We went on the evening tour and were the only people on the boat so we had a special tour- learned a lot about Beaufort and were able to see some beautiful old houses that sit on the waterway!
There is no beach in Beaufort but you can go to Hunting Island State Park or Hilton Head Island.   We did go to Hilton Head for a day to shop and sit on the beach.  I highly recommend visiting Beaufort, SC!  I promise you won't be disappointed!!
Thank you, Laura!
What is your favorite thing about South Carolina?


  1. I love South Carolina too. My son served a mission for our church there 4 years ago. We got to pick him up and tour the state.

  2. I grew up in beaufort and she hit the wonderful parts of beaufort! It truly is beautiful and peaceful. The beach is really only 25 mins away but the river is all around. Having to drive over the bridges daily is heaven on earth. I live in atlanta and that is the thing I miss most. Seeing the water everyday. Brought such a sense of calm and peace to the day.

  3. My favorite part of South Carolina, besides the Charleston/Beaufort area, is downtown Greenville - great place!

  4. My husband is in the Coast Guard and he was stationed in Charleston, SC when we got married, so it was the first state I moved to after living in GA my whole life. I absolutely LOVED living in SC and miss it terribly! We now live in CT and I am absolutely crazy about it too, but SC holds a special place in my heart. We'll be moving again soon and leaving New England, I feel like I'm leaving home. :o( Looks like Laura had a wonderful time, thank you for sharing with us!

  5. I am a born and raised South Carolinian! I love the Southern way of life and hope to never leave. Charleston is by far my favorite place. I love the beaches, the shopping and of course the amazing seafood!

  6. We just moved back home to South Carolina when my husband retired from the USMC after 20 years. I am SO happy to be home! We're getting ready to spend a few days on the Battery in Charleston for our 20th anniversary. South Carolina has so many beautiful places!

  7. I am also born and raised in South Carolina, and we love the state. Charleston is definitely the prize of this state, which is why we chose to get married there over two years ago- I'm actually heading down there this weekend! Our people and our food set us apart- kind, friendly people and delicious, fattening food! Good combo, if you ask me! :)

  8. I live in Charleston as well. Downtown Charleston is fun and has something for all ages to do. There is so much history to see, and the views from the harbor are gorgeous!

  9. Yikes - you were way too close to that alligator!

    I am headed to Emerald Isle NC on Sunday for a week. I hope it is as nice as Beaufort.

  10. I am a Charleston girl too. I have lived in 9 different states and this is the best by far. Beautiful, friendly, diverse and historical. I will never move away from this beautiful city.

  11. This post makes me homesick! I'm a Lowcountry girl(Bluffton/Hilton Head), and even though I've been living in GA for the past 14 years, South Carolina is still home! I love the wonderful people,the beautiful scenery, the BEACH!,everything but the traffic (HHI had become too congested). I actually considered offering you my old SC license plate but I couldn't part with it for sentimental reasons, I'm so glad you received one!

    I love your blog!

  12. Oh my goodness!! I too, am a SOUTH CAROLINA girl!! I live in the upstate! I was born and raised here and would not trade it for all the money in the world!!! We've got the mountains above us and the ocean below us...who could ask for more??
    Wonderful post!! :-)

  13. SC here as well! Love the weather, and that it is only a hop, skip, and a jump to the beach. We are an hour from Myrtle. But I love Isle of Palms!!

  14. Oh, I just L-O-V-E Beaufort!!! Although we live in Texas, we have been having family reunions on Hilton Head (nope, we know no one in SC), and this brings back so many great memories of our summers.

  15. I just moved to SC. I am about an hour from Myrtle Beach.

  16. My daughter in-law is from Charleston. We went to visit and we just love South Carolina. The history is wonderful, the food and the boiled peanuts. That was a new treat for us. It was a place we really want to visit again.


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