license plates round 5

04 October 2010

We gots Hawaii!! Erin Vanek lived there for six years (lucky!) and sent us one of her plates:october 2010 010 1

Thank you to Tiffany Nelson for Pennsylvania!october 2010 009 1 

Mississippi came from Stacy Plaxico~thank you, Stacy!october 2010 012 1 
dear Raquel from Minnesota sent 2 plates. She blogs at I especially love this post. Thank you, Raquel!
october 2010 014 1
october 2010 013 1
We’re almost there! Here is the updated list.


  1. Melissa,
    Did you ever get the Ohio?

  2. Yes, we got it! Thanks so much~it's up tomorrow! :)

  3. gosh you only need 4 more?!?! wow that is amazing

  4. Do you have GA? I originally said I would send it, and haven't yet, but I have it ready to send now!!

  5. I can't wait to see them hung up Pottery Barn style! I think it is so neat that you did this.

  6. I love the one from Hawaii. ANd yes I scrolled to the top to spell check Hawaii. good grief.


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