old navy deal alert

21 October 2010

****edited: see comments below******

Lots of Old Navys are having an additional 40-50% off their clearance. ALSO….get this:

They are having their Kids Shop Free event exclusively for Old Navy, Gap, or Banana Republic cardholders. (note from Melissa: Old Navy is the only store credit card I have. I’ve never carried a balance on it, but it gives great rewards and discounts at O. Navy, Gap, and Banana Republic) Shop in-store 10/16 - 10/21 (tonight!!)  and receive a FREE kid item with every adult item you purchase using your card! Kid item must be of equal or lesser value and excludes clearance items.

BUT my store clerk that answered the phone said they’ve actually found out that the kids item doesn’t  have to be equal or lesser value.

Me: “wait a minute. Do you mean I could buy a $3 adult item and get a kids coat for FREE??”

Her: “Yup, we think it’s pretty crazy.”

Yikes! Guess where I’m headed tonight??

Good luck~call your store! :)


  1. I called mine and they said equal or lesser value. Thanks for the heads up, I'm heading to Old Navy tonight.

  2. Hmmm. Maybe it's just our crazy store?
    Thanks, Anonymous :)

  3. Mine said the same thing.. equal or lesser value. I wish I had an Old Navy card!!!

  4. Hi, I'm a fairly new reader. Love your blog!!

    That's such a great deal at Old Navy! I love when they have 50% off the already marked down clearance price! I'm like you, the only store card I have is Kohls because they send such good coupons! I get all these $10 off cards (no min purchase)!

    I passed your link on to my good friend who loves diy's and such! PS, love the blue chair remodel in the last post!

  5. Don't forget to get your Barker's Bones coupons to make it a sweeter deal. Just go here


    and play the little game. If you don't get the $10 off of $50 (the best one I've been able to get), just re-set your cookies or clear your history and do it again until you get it. I'll be buying my kids a new wardrobe tonight :)

  6. Jolanda~blast! Forgot about those coupons! Thanks for the heads up.

    Okay, y'all~I went and it worked like a charm. I'm so sad it ends tonight. Even if your store says it's of equal or lesser value, it's not. My sister and others did it at their store and the computer takes just takes off the kid's item. I bought 2 womens long sleeve t's for $6 each, and got 2 kids coats for free (plus I had a bunch of other add'l 40% off clearance clothing) I'm not kidding. You just have to make sure the adult item is regular price or sale price, but not orange clearance tagged. Just bring your stuff up to the register, let them ring it up, tell them you want to do the kids shop free deal, they'll punch in the code, and the computer will automatically take the kids' item off for every adult item you have purchased. My cashier didn't bat an eye! Good luck...you still have a few hours :)

  7. yes, the clearance stuff didn't work as I thought it would, however I got 8 items including 2 pairs of pants, shoes and a jacket for my son for $42. Thanks for posting!

  8. Thanks for the tip. I hadn't paid attention to my e-mails from Old Navy, but wish I had earlier! I bought a bunch of stuff and it seemed like it basically took 50% off everything, even though I had more kids things than adult ones. I just wish I had had more time or that I could go back tomorrow! At least I got what I did... Thanks again.

  9. It's definately happening here - but I only found out about it late today and I just went out yesterday to JCPenny and bought my kiddy stuff.
    next time... if ever there is a next time.

    Hope you had a great week, friend - after Monday *wink.

  10. I did this deal at old navy last week. I saved $250 and spent just over $100. I got a ton of stuff including 4 Halloween costumes for my kids for free and about 13 other items. It was awesome.

  11. Thanks for the tip Melissa. I was able to get a pair of kid carpenter jeans, a baby t-shirt, men's O.N. t-shirt, one piece baby outfit and a long sleeve boys O.N. t-shirt for $15 and some change. Sweet. I love it when they have additional 50% off days.


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