a little closet spruce up.

14 January 2011

I forgot to take a before, but just imagine chaos: grocery bags with medicine stashed, a bunch of empty dollar store shoebox containers, towels and sheets stuffed in, etc.
Here are a few things I love to use when organizing:
january 2011 016 1
* dollar store plastic shoe boxes. They contain and stack. And they are $1 each. Is it driving you crazy that the colors on the bottom bins are reversed? I did it on purpose to drive you type A girls crazy. (not really…I just barely noticed)

* My wanna be label maker labels. Find a font you love (my go-to one I use is CK Handprint—I’ve had it for 10 yrs now) type it up in Microsoft Word or whatever you use, print it out, cut it out, and slap a piece of clear packing tape over it.
The top bag is my medicine bag that I grab when we go on vacations~I keep pink eye medication, ear infection drops, nebulizer treatments, pain reliever, because doesn’t someone always seem to get sick on vacation?
The basket holds travel size stuff for vacation as well.
The plastic bag is our boys’ haircutting stuff.

january 2011 017 1
Wannabe labels are great to use on the shelves as well when you are digging through trying to remember which is twin, which is queen.
Humidifiers on the bottom, and a cute light fixture to replace sassy brassy in the hall.

january 2011 018 1   I cut this old shoe holder up so it would fit on this skinny closet door. Use your wannabe labels again so everyone is clear on what goes where (even though they will pay no attention to them whatsoever, it makes you feel better…promise) Put the dangerous stuff up high, and the more kid friendly down low. (the bottom 2 rows are empty on this one)
If you don’t want a label that says “feminine supplies” you can just label it with your name.

The biggest key: throw out, throw out, throw out, give away or donate.
Jenny @ Words on Wendhurst is having a 111 things (to get rid of) in 1/11 party:
There is organization madness goodness all over blogland right now. Traci is having a closet makeover party as well:
Go be inspired to throw out  your whole house start with one little closet. It will feel sooo good!
Happy Friday~


  1. I just redid my sons closet.. I have several more to do too.. What is it about the new year and getting organized..

  2. I really like the tip on making a family "to-go" medicine bag. I usually pack one, but I seem to always forget something. Having a dedicated bag that doesn't get the contents shuffled around is a great idea. :)

  3. Love your closet. I use tons of those shoe bins too - but the mismatched colors did make me sweat a little! LOL. Thanks for linking up!

  4. The shoe holder inside the door is GENIUS! Great work.

  5. I like the labels everywhere :-) I also store my sheets in sets - the sheets and 1 pillowcase get folded up together, and then everything gets put inside the other pillowcase. That way you always have the set of matching sheets together. I've also seen it done where they are all folded and then tied up with a pretty little bow. But that's never going to happen. :-) Thanks for the tips and your garage looks great also!

  6. I didn't even notice the lid cover mix up until you mentioned it! {I am NOT a type A, but love to organize}. I think it looks super and cutting up the shoe holder to fit on the back of the door was very smart! Great job!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  7. Oh, you have the same stupid, little linen closet I have, with that ridiculous big space on the bottom! Sorry. I love your shoe-bag idea on the door, and your label maker. I have to do that.

    On the bottom of mine, I put those "cubes" that are snapped together grids. A 2x2 fits perfectly and holds my costco TP and tissues, etc.

  8. That is exactly what I need to do~ a very timely post! Thanks so much!

  9. I love the "wannabe label makers"...I do the same thing!

  10. Love the shoe holder idea...simple, clean + organized! There's nothin' better than a cleaned out closet...ahhh!

    I have to tell ya' I was sharing one of your ideas with a friend a couple weeks ago. She asked how I knew such great info. I told her I have a cute roommate from college that runs a super great blog. I told her the name of your blog + she freaked out! She said, "You know her!?!?! She is like FAMOUS in blog land!" Made me smile + feel all cool + special:)

  11. I have a great idea! You deserve a little time away from home, right? You could come here and help me throw away my whole house! I have a cute guest room...I'll make you very comfortable! :)

    In all seriousness, I appreciate the inspiration! I've got throwing away to do!

  12. I love the idea of using a shoe holder for all the medical supplies. Such a simple way to stay organized!

  13. Love the idea of putting the meds, etc., in a hanging shoe holder! And for the record...it is nice to know that someone else enjoys putting labels on things that they know everyone else will ignore! Even if it is just like that for a little while...it feels GREAT! :)

  14. It looks great! We're moving this weekend and I get to organize an entire house-ugh! Love the dedicated medicine bag idea :)

  15. Looking good! I'm organizing at my house too!!

  16. Melissa,
    Great job!
    I love your wanna-be labels! You have so much space in that closet. Love it.
    You are right about throwing stuff away and donating it. I have had so much fun getting rid of stuff while hosting this series!
    I should do this more often.
    Thanks for linking up to my party. :)
    See you soon!

  17. Yay! I love a good organized closets. I wish all mine looked like this.

    I'm dropping over from Words on Wendhurst.

  18. I went to a craft store this morning that is going out of business and bought lots of fun things. The first thing I want to do is go re-organize my craft closet, but I'm going to have to wait for a day off from work :(
    Thanks for the organizing tips! Organizing is one of my very favorite things to do. Is it a sickness? Maybe.

  19. Sara~such a smart idea with the cubes on the bottom! ty!


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