downstairs bath & not going over budget

02 March 2011

As we were having the basement finished, we set a cash budget that we were determined not to go above. We learned that you can go cah-razy with so many features in a basement (or a house, or an addition, or anything..) that are so “essential” and “necessary” and will totally “add value” to your home, but you have to draw the line somewhere. I’m so grateful for a husband that keeps me level in this area (did I mention he’s a financial planner?) because I’m afraid that if it were just me and a friendly credit card, I would go cah-razy.

As things moved along, we could see that our original estimate for a gas fireplace was way off since we decided to go with a vented unit. That added over $1000, pushing us over budget. We had to make up for it some where. We knew that the fireplace had to be done right and we wanted it finished as the walls were being put up, so we didn’t want to skimp there.
Soooooooooo, we took it out of the bathroom. We were originally going to have a long vanity with a granite top ($1200), so we scratched that, gave it to the fireplace, and had to get a little creative.
February 2011 050 1
Last winter, Home Depot had these white vanities with the white tops for $39 each in a special promotion, so we jumped on it.  Then, we found a middle drawer stand at Home Decorators Outlet for $79 (sorry, they don’t have it anymore) and some cute knobs from Hobby Lobby for $2.50 each, giving us a makeshift vanity for under $200. If we ever want to do a full vanity down there, we can switch it out, but for now it’s just what we need. February 2011 022 1
The whole design for the bathroom came from a $5 clearance shower curtain from Target. I loved the fresh color of green with a touch of modern, yet still a little traditional.
February 2011 005 1
February 2011 017 1mirrors from Lowes (when we bought them they were 59.99..what’s up??)
 February 2011 103 1 little bottles from Home Decorators
  February 2011 008 1    Allure flooring from Home Depot (waterproof, not as cold as tile, easy to this stuff) Color is not right in the pic, but oh well.
Now, we have to talk about the beadboard. I wanted beadboard, but we didn’t put it in the original estimate. (doh!) Of course, didn’t want to pay any more, stay in budget, blah, blah, blah,  so I asked our contractor if I could paint some rooms in exchange for him installing beadboard (because painting the rooms was included in his estimate) He agreed! Yessssssss.
So, my husband and I painted our girls’ rooms at night when they were gone and I got my beadboard.
February 2011 027 1random picture of a yard sale wreath above a toilet
February 2011 052 1
Thanks for sticking with me through this loooong post. Moral of the story: set a cash budget. Stick to it. Get creative if you have to. You can do it. It is so much more fun to brush your teeth at a vanity that is paid for…signature
The wall color is called pickling spice from Pittsburgh Paints: see color matches here.
More about the other mirror here.
More on little bathroom shelf here.
More on the bathroom gallery wall here.


  1. Looks gorgeous!! Way to go with the beadboard/paint switcheroo, and I heart those round mirrors. I'm a big fan of chandeliers, by the way. Go for it ;)

  2. melissa*320 sycamore1/8/14, 1:19 PM

    I have heard others talk about a smell, but I haven't noticed anything??I have a wallflower plugged in the wall though. Hmmm, I'll have to do some deeper sniffing...

  3. melissa*320 sycamore1/8/14, 5:54 PM

    We installed it in our old house, but our contractor installed it here. Be sure to let it acclamate to your house: open the boxes of the flooring and let them sit for a few days, otherwise they may expand and buckle after you install. It is just cutting (you can even use box cutters) and sticking down. I *think* the color we have in here is the teak that they have in stock at H Depot. Yup, it can go right over concrete, or existing lineoleum, etc. Hope this helps!

  4. Your economical bathroom looks fab! And I always think that you appreciate the bargain rooms so much more because there is a greater sense of achievement.

  5. Melissa, I LOVE it! Can never have too much beadboard! Thanks for sharing. I'll post our bathroom remodel soon too!

  6. LOVE it! So clean and fresh. The added pop of green is perfect. And, yes, I do think a chandie would be gorgeous in this beautiful space. The bottles from HD are too cute. The beadboard is a great addition, too. I look forward to following your basement journey. :) *Becca* (

  7. ooops...

  8. OMG... the round mirrors just draw me in! We have one in our living room, and it's my all time fav! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

    And yes, to the chandieler =)

  9. hey! Love everything- another fabulous job! I was surprised to see someone else besides me in the entire world using Allure flooring!! haha. about a month ago, i got so sick of the upstairs carpeting that I decided to rip it all out. what else is someone supposed to do on a tuesday morning? I was going to just paint the subfloor until getting hardwoods installed, but when I went to HD i saw the Allure and liked it. I loved the price, too! Disclaimer: i hate, i mean really hate, fake wood. something thats been painted to look like wood- all of it. I'm also not a fan of vinyl, so it was a little surprising to me when I bought all the boxes they had and went to 2 other Hds to buy them out as well. LOVE THEM! 
    but I have a question for you since you have experience with them... do they smell to you? there is this funky smell lingering up there and it has to be the flooring. Granted, I installed them at the same time as painting and a zillion other projects, but still.... a smell and it has to be the floors. Did yours smell too? If so... how did you get rid of it?
    I appreciate any info.. thanks!

  10. The flooring is nice! I have never seen this but will look into it for my bathroom remodel:)

  11. Korrie@RedHenHome1/16/14, 11:01 PM

    It's beautiful. I love your makeshift's unique and pretty! Keep your eye out for that chandelier; it will be the perfect touch!

  12. melissa*320 sycamore1/16/14, 11:02 PM

    Hi Andrea...see above ^


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