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09 May 2011

First of all, I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day! Did you have a chance to read all of the fabulous guest posts on being a mom last week? They are so inspiring~thank you again to everyone that shared their insights on being a mom.
I’ve decided to try to make it a tradition to take a picture with my kids on Mother’s Day. I was hoping for church clothes, but they all change into their pajamas as soon as we get home, so this is what we got. april 2011 171 1
Hailey knows me too well:april 2011 179 1

I love all of the homemade treasures they present so proudly:april 2011 186 1 And speaking of treasures…
Here are some thrifty finds I’ve picked up in the past couple of months. Some will be given a little facelift, some don’t need a thing…
april 2011 028 1a rotary phone for $5. My kids love playing with it~they had never even seen one!
may 2011 001 1 a brass chandelier for $5!! for Hailey’s room? The bathroom?
 april 2011 034 1
a chair for the desk in the kitchen~loved the lines on this one! $8
 april 2011 021 1 a cool blue suitcase for my stack downstairs in the family room $1.95
april 2011 025 1  a wooden plaque with a picture..plans brewing for this one! $1.50
may 2011 006 1 a big old lamp for my little work station downstairs $8
may 2011 007 1 laundry basket! $2
may 2011 008 1
I got a pair of these lamps for $2 each, and then there were 2 random shades for $5 each at my Target. They are stashed in the boys’ room, we’ll see if they end up there.
Happy Monday~signature


  1. Love those lamps, Melissa! :) You always manage to find some fabulous deals!

  2. melissa from two little tots1/16/14, 10:42 PM

    oh my goodness, your kiddos are so cute! and i can't believe how many great deals you found! i need to do more of that...where is your favorite store to find the good deals?

  3. Our phone was a little less yellow, more of a beige color. But wow, that made my day seeing that old phone! Our phone number was TW3-3822. The TW stood for Twenoaks. I wonder how many people can remember the day when phone numbers started with a word?

  4. How adorable is your picture with your family. That is a wonderful tradition. =)

  5. Love the photo with your children! Beautiful!

  6. Hi Melissa-

    When my oldest daughter was around 5 she was at my parents house where they had a phone exactly like the one you found except in green in their home office. When my daughter saw it she looked at me and said - how do you work this? I looked at her and thought what does she mean? - and then it dawned on me that she had never seen one before. I laughed so hard and then showed her how it worked. Generation gap!!!

    My best- Diane

  7. Hi Melissa, I can't imagine how you found those thrift purchases. I'm fond thrift items as well. Great finds!

  8. Rhoda @southernhospitality1/16/14, 10:43 PM

    Great finds, Melissa! Thanks for joining up.

  9. melissa*320 sycamore1/16/14, 10:46 PM

    I know! It was so fun to remember the smoothness of actually dialing. I had
    to dial my old phone number growing up, my best friends number, my grandmas,
    911 :)

  10. So I just stumbled across your blog and I have to say that I have spent a good 2 hours of my day creeping on all your projects. It has been the best distraction from studying for my finals. I already have bookmarked so many projects that I want to try! You are amazing!! I hope my new apartment will be 1/2 as cute as your house! So adorable!

  11. melissa*320 sycamore1/16/14, 10:46 PM

    They *are* useful! I would put my husband's old college/accounting books in
    them. If he didn't ever wonder where they were, I got rid of them when we
    moved. They were my holding place...

  12. melissa*320 sycamore1/16/14, 10:46 PM

    I would love to see pictures of this! Please share one if you can~

  13. melissa*320 sycamore1/16/14, 10:46 PM

    These were all from 2 different thrift stores and a 2 church yard
    sales....and over 2 months. I think the key is to *go* and sometimes you'll come
    across something wonderful, but lots of times you come out empty-handed.

  14. ADORE the phone. I would even get a landline to justify a cool phone like that in that color. Love the lamps and the suitcase too. Just all around great eye for fun stuff. Have loved your blog for a while, but stopped by from a thrifty find link up at Southern Hospitality. Thrifty fun without spending a dime. I need to stop in more often (smile).



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