how to turn big framed prints into personalized art

10 May 2011

this is a guest post I shared at Traci’s a few weeks ago. In case you missed it~here it is!
*the link to the print you may use for personal use is near the bottom of the post*
I found this big framed print at a yard sale for $5 back in Texas and hauled it across the country to Virginia with us. (don’t even start my husband on that one) Big framed, matted pictures like this are expen$ive and I knew I would use it somewhere.
yard sale print 1

Now, the print isn’t awful, it’s just not the look I was going for in my daughter’s room.
Tear off the back paper,
lift the nail thing-ys with a butter knife and take out the print.

I took some Christmas wrapping paper from Hobby Lobby and cut it out around the mat along the edges. (you’ll have to cut out most of the the middle.)march 2011 047 1
At the corners, cut angles and then fold and glue the paper around the mat with hot glue.
march 2011 049 1  I spray painted the frame Krylon’s jade color (found at walmart) and then put it all back together. Remember, it doesn’t matter what it looks like behind the picture!
For the print, I saw this book and loved the quote and so I typed it up in Bebas Neue font {you can download it here for free!} and then had it printed off at walmart photo lab for $12.00. If you have a sams club or a costco near you, their poster size prints are usually cheapest.
april 2011 116 1 I have also uploaded it to Google docs so you can print it out for your personal use using this link.
Keep your eyes open for large framed, matted prints to make personalized artwork for your home~they are one of my favorite finds in my thrifting!


  1. Michelle Lunt1/8/14, 8:10 AM

    Wow, Melissa. How darling is this project!? Love the turqoisey color with the red polka dot. Pretty brilliant stuff. It was worth the cross-country trip!

    Warmly, Michelle

  2. awesome idea! I didn't know I can do that and it's easy! THanks for the tips. I usually buy spiritual art and put it on my walls. It could be very pricey but I do believe on the inspiration and motivation that the artwork exudes. ;)

  3. quick question...hopefully not dumb :) hehe :) so, you type the quote and then send it to be printed, poster sized (or whatever size you want), at a printing place of your choice... what program do you use to type the quote? Word? Picasa? :) please tell... :) :)

  4. I actually framed damask wallpaper over the weekend. I really love this idea for correcting the mat. I have an odd shaped print now (25x25), I started spray painting it last night (it WAS green, ew)....but I luv the idea that I can use wrapping paper if it doesn't work out. Good thinking and most important, thanks for sharing!

  5. I picked up a very similar frame recently thinking I could give it new life - thanks for reminding me and giving me some inspiration! :)


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