front porch makeover

27 June 2011

Our front door was ho-hum. Whatever. Meeah. You don’t really want to come in.
june 2011 052 1
The screen did nothing for it, and the handles were opposite on the doors:june 2011 060 1

I think in an effort to sell the home, the previous owners had someone try to paint the light fixtures to update them. Now you know I’m all about ingenuity and frugality when it comes to updating spaces, but
june 2011 054 1
it really didn’t look good:
june 2011 059 1

and there were black paint splatters all over the siding and brick. Grrrrr.
june 2011 057 1

So, this is what we came up with to change things up, the AFTER:
june 2011 068 1

We kept the original front door and added a few touches…I’ll share how we did it tomorrow (click here for the details)!
Happy Monday~


  1. I can't wait to see it! There's already a big improvement!

  2. Ashley Purpura1/8/14, 8:19 AM

    Amazing transformation! It's funny how all of the little details can make SUCH a difference.

    I'm trying to convince my husband that we need to pitch the janky screen door hiding our lovely black door, but he's saying that removing the hinges will leave nasty big holes in the trim. Any tips on that? I'd love to see what you did regarding that, and be able to use it to help my case! ;) Thanks!

  3. Michelle from The2361/8/14, 5:42 PM

    I love what you did! I never thought of doing a black front door....until now! Pinning this so I don't forget how awesome this is!

    Michelle over at

    Twitter: @the236 

  4. Wow! Such simple yet totally effective changes! love it!

  5. What a difference a few changes make and probably ups value about 10%!!!  Curb appeal is a must~~~~have to get them to stop, before they come in.....

  6. Fantastic. Congrats.

  7. BEAUTIFUL !!   Welcoming ... classy ... charming !!  Love it.

  8. Bobbi Platte1/8/14, 5:49 PM

    Lovely.  I would love to know how you adhered your house numbers to your door since I just painted my door this weekend.

  9. seriouslyahomemaker1/8/14, 5:49 PM

    oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! un-beliebable.

  10. Looks striking now. Fresh and modern. Like it should be on the cover of a magazine  :)

  11. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co.1/8/14, 5:49 PM

    Oh what a huge difference!

  12. I LOVE it, doesn't even look like it could be the same house!

  13. Looks awesome! What a difference it makes to remove the screen door and paint the other one!

  14. What a gorgeous transformation!  I would love to know what type of paint you used and how you applied it.  We have the metal french doors leading to our patio and I have painted them black inside and out, but the plastic window dividers scratch of and get nicked so I am constantly touching up paint!

  15. WOW!! Looks incredible! You are genius! : ) 

  16. That is an unbelievable after!  Love, love, love the door and everything else too!!  :)

  17. Lisa @ Ferncreekcottage1/8/14, 5:49 PM

    Wow, wow, wow!! What a change. It looks beautiful!!

  18. BlueClearSkyElizabeth1/8/14, 5:49 PM

    Great curb appeal! Classic, fresh and updated. It really changes the whole look of your door area. It looks like someone who really cares about their home lives there.


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