I made cute cupcakes

07 June 2011

Do you make cute cupcakes? You probably do.
I never have…mine usually consist of a cake mix, store bought frosting and some sprinkles~like this.
march 2011 092 1

Perfectly fine, he doesn’t care, but I love all of the swirly, cute, fancy looking cupcakes I’ve seen everywhere and I decided I wanted to try. Do you know what? They are actually pretty easy and make you look kind of fancy and like you know what you’re doing in the kitchen.
First, you need the right tip. I bought this kit at Walmart: (around $8)
It had the tip  I needed (Wilton 1M) and 8 disposable bags and some other tips that we’ll see if I ever pick up in all of my spare time:june 2011 085 1
If you are a Walmart hater, you can find these at craft stores or online as well:june 2011 089 1 
Cut the tip off of a plastic decorating bag (or use the corner of a ziploc bag!)june 2011 090 1
Drop the tip in:june 2011 093 1Fill the bag with frosting, and the best part is …….squeezing. it. out. You will feel like Ramona with the toothpaste!
Practice on a graham cracker (are there many things better in life than graham crackers, frosting, and milk?)
june 2011 095 1  And then you can move up to cupcakes! I’m thinking you can use the whipped store bought cans, fill it up and do the same thing??
june 2011 032 1 For the frosting and the cupcakes, I went with the girls over at Our Best Bites. Sara and Kate have never let me down and the frosting is divine. When I saw flour as an ingredient, I doubted, but they give you fantastic step by step picture instructions.
The kids loved the cupcakes too!
june 2011 026 1
june 2011 080 1
We made the cupcakes and some flower pom poms  for Lauren’s 11th Birthday~Logan came out in the morning and wondered why there was salad hanging from the ceiling:june 2011 070 1 
  But let me tell you what the hit of the whole day was:june 2011 099 1 She loves Kit, the American girl and had wanted a typewriter forever, so when I saw this at the Goodwill, I had a little spaz attack. I forgot how much I love the smell and the click of the keys…
june 2011 042 1
So…we went from cute cupcakes, to Ramona, to lettuce, to typewriters. Let’s bring it all together:
Happy Birthday, Lauren Dorothy!
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  1. How darling! I love that she was so excited about a typewriter... I do love the clickety clack. And I agree, the OBB frosting with flour is AWESOME. :) Great cupcakes, you've got me beat in the cuteness arena any day!

  2. They turned out so cute! Now I want to make some! 

  3. Wow the rainbow cupcakes look amazing. wish i had one in front of me right now

  4. Donna Grande1/8/14, 5:36 PM

    That typewriter is the same one I got for a high school graduation present! I think I may be showing my age!


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