shelf above kitchen sink

09 June 2011

Our kitchen has a nifty little shelf above the kitchen windows. The previous owners had some stencil action going on up there, but we were ready for something different.
kitchen before 1
We had a little beadboard wallpaper left from this project and this project. Man, have we gotten our mileage from that roll!march 2011 041 1

I started putting it up, and then realized we were not going to  have enough:march 2011 043 1
Enter a little $2 globe from the YMCA thrift store:march 2011 045 1
Thank you, little globe for playing cover up~you mean the world to our kitchen! (ha!)june 2011 038 1   
I painted the beadboard wallpaper the same color as our back entryway, and have been putting my collection of white vases from thrift stores and yard sales. I haven’t paid more than $1 for any of them, except the white pitcher is from Target for around $10? Nate says that collections look more un-clutterish if they are all the same color, so I am trusting him. (ok, maybe he didn’t use that word) I have a dream of someday putting flowers in ALL of them for a special occasion.
june 2011 037 1
june 2011 042 1
I’ve been trying out some curtains, and am having some second thoughts….I’ll ask you what you think tomorrow. AND I made a light fixture to go above the sink. Yikes…
Happy Thursday~


  1. WHY CAN"T I FIND A HOW TO MAKE THOSE SHELVES above the sink! I am dying to tackle that project?! Also where am I going to find that wallpaper! When are you coming over, I forgot again when you said.....LOVES

  2. Love how you used the globe to hide the missing beadboard- I would have never thought of that and would immediately gone into panic mood about what to do! I also collect white vases,cake strands,pitchers whatever I can find. In fact I bought the same vase 3rd from left in last photo for 25 cents at a yard sale  just 2 weeks ago.

  3. We share a lot of the same milk glass pieces...I love your collection!

    Your shelf looks great! 

  4. I would love to see a wide screen shot of the cabinets with the collection on top

  5. Remodelingthislife1/8/14, 5:36 PM

    Love it! The globe "world" joke made me laugh. I love puns :)


  6. Love the little shelf. Perhaps you might move the Tj pitcher where the globe is. I'm always decorating large to small. My OCD I guess.
    Not sure about the globe for some reason. I love the colors up there. Your kitchen has so many possibilities! Can't wait to see all you do.

  7. I can't wait to see the whole thing!! I love all the white vases grouped together- I feel the same way, it doesn't look cluttery if they're all the same color. And I LOVE your solution for the little space where you ran out of beadboard- brilliant! I do stuff like that too. :)

  8. clever the look so much better than the wallpaper

  9. It looks great! I had to laugh about the globe. 

  10. It looks great! I had to laugh about the globe. 

  11. melissa*320 sycamore1/8/14, 5:54 PM

    Hi Kylee~
    I would hesitate to use it as a backsplash because it gouges and marks
    easily (see my fingernail marks in my first tutorial post) Maybe you could
    use the beadboard sheets for your backsplash? I know Nester used them and
    hot glued them up!

  12. bigstick28581/8/14, 5:55 PM

    Great cover up idea!  Also love your white collection!


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