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06 July 2011

I got hit with a stomach bug on the 3rd. NOT fun. We did manage to drive up and visit with some family, and make some easy strawberries (idea from Pinterest!)june 2011 029 1
We hit a gorgeous sunset on our way back home on the 4th,june 2011 069 1

love those sparklers & city fireworks,june 2011 121 1
and you wanna see what I did with my garden this year?
I took a big roll of the brown paper they sell at home improvement stores and covered up the weeds,
june 2011 005 1
then put about $16 of mulch on top of it. Do you know that in our experiment, the newspaper is actually doing a better job of preventing weeds than the expensive landscape material? Pffff to the expensive material. We’re doing brown paper and newspaper all the way next year, baby!
There is a lone tomato plant, but that’s it for this summer! I didn’t have the energy with all that’s going on around here, and I got sick of looking at the weeds.july 2011 013 And, on a last note, this was a $7.50 purchase from Target this morning:
july 2011 008 1and I want dinner to make itself so I can go take a nap in it right now.
I updated my top referring blogs over on my left sidebar….thank you so much to each of you that send someone to 320.


  1. I have a garden planted but the weeds were taking over so I covered them with newspaper after pulling out the largest ones. I like the newspaper better than the expensive landscaping fabric, too!!


  2. Janet Lawson1/8/14, 6:01 PM

    Lovin that hammock..

  3. SarahCloverLane1/8/14, 6:01 PM

    I hardly planted a thing this year either...a couple of pots that's it.  I didn't want the responsibility this summer...I have enough already for heaven's sake! 

  4. Love your new no sew curtains!  You have inspired me to try that!  AND I bought the same hammock in red at Target for $7.50.  It matches the new red lawn chairs I bought in April.  Now if I can just get my husband to hang it for me. (we have to take a broken swing down first!)


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