framed {clip} display

18 August 2011

I needed some major motivation to get back into projects/the kitchen when the kids started school yesterday. I saw this little project at Shanty 2 Chic, then, of course I pinned it, and thought it would be the perfect Under $10 Under 1 Hour to try to get my mojo back on.
Here we go~half hour tops: promise (if you have all the supplies on hand)
1. plug in your glue gun
2. go out and spray paint a frame. I used a dark gray Valspar metallic color I found at Michael’s on clearance for 1.99.
august 2011 012

I am also using it for an upcoming project…can’t wait to show you!!
The frame was $1 at a yard sale…august 2011 011
3. while it’s drying, come back in and cut your piece of scrapbook paper to size. I also snagged an empty pizza box and cut out a piece to give it some substance behind the paper since my frame had no glass.
4. Tape it up real professional like in the back.august 2011 018 
5. Take a clip (this was left over from this project.) and glob it up with hot glue. august 2011 022
6. Stick it on the frame (or the glass if you have glass on your frame, or just to the paper, whatever) august 2011 023 1 
7. Hang it up, then clip what you may: phone list, photos, reminders, kids’ artwork. august 2011 032 1
This one is going right by the desk in the kitchen to hold our phone list…we’re also doing a little something to the desk to make it a little more functional, so I’ll show you the whole sha-bang when that’s finished. It looks black in the picture, but it’s a really cool pewter gray…
Do you need a little project to get motivated?
Can your kids take naps on your laundry pile because it is so big and awesome?spencer laundry This would be a perfect one…thanks, Shanty girls!


  1. This is such a cute idea! love it, Melissa.

    PS. love the Google comment box. i never noticed it before. makes commenting on your posts much easier!

  2. Love it! Thanks for the shout out Melissa :-)

  3. Gah! I love the frame!  This would be great in my kitchen.  Adding it to  Simply Cottage Love's Pinterest Board  Thanks for the inspiration!


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