make your own drum shade pendant!

05 August 2011

My reasons for doing it this way:

* I didn’t want to re-wire my can lights that were already above the dining room table, so I got these nickel light converters. Plus, the tops match this schoolhouse light we put above the kitchen sink.

* I really wanted drum shade pendants, but they were too $pendy, so I wanted to come up with a less expensive alternative with fabric I had already picked out.

Here we go!

1. Find a large drum shade with a spider fitting (one that has the three parts that come together in the middle): I found mine on Ebay~they are 17” across and 8” high.

2. Take a hacksaw and saw an opening large enough for your cord to fit through. Or if you have one of those cool Dremel tools, this would take you seconds….

Note: DO NOT go crazy with the hack saw and starting sawing everything and breaking your shade so you have to rig it up with green florist wire….be nice, gentle, and patient.

april 2011 119

april 2011 113 1

april 2011 115 1

Lift the decorative silver piece up, then slip the cord into your opening:
april 2011 120

april 2011 121 1

april 2011 123 1

This is what it will look like hanging:
april 2011 124

For the shade, I gently removed the trim on the top and bottom:

april 2011 006

Measured and cut the fabric to size, and then applied it to the shade with spray adhesive:april 2011 004 2 

Then re-attached the trim with a glue gun:april 2011 013

This is what it will look like: the front one is correct, the one in back is rigged up with the florist wire because I hacksawed too much…

august 2011 042 1

Total cost for one drum shade pendant:

Drum shade: $25 (ebay)

fabric: about $8 (this is the Premier Prints ZigZag Village Blue/Natural

Total: about $60

And yes, the cabinets are mostly painted…I’m still touching up and finishing a few things and I promise I’ll show you the whole darn thing!

Happy Friday, everyone~

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