drum shade pendants for the kitchen

04 August 2011

I really, really wanted some drum shade pendants in the kitchen above the table where there where just 2 can lights previously. The ones I loved, were (of course!) $200 bucks a pop, so of course I turned to diy.
I used the same can converters from this light project and some drum shades that I bought on Ebay.
I wish I could tell you that it was super duper easy,
august 2011 042 1

that I got it the first try,august 2011 010 1 that they are perfect….august 2011 011 1  BUT I CAN’T!
It was a nightmare!
Read the picture:august 2011 030 1  the shade on the right is being held on by florist wire!!
I get 50% on this project. One turned out, and on this one we’re making do with green wire…because I was dumb and went crazy with a hacksaw.august 2011 040 1 Good news? I’ll show you what NOT to do so you can do it right the first time :)
More tomorrow…


  1. I don't notice any imperfections. Since you know what you did - your eye goes right to any imperfections. I think they look great florist wire and all. Can you even see the florist wire when you are standing in your kitchen? Maybe only really tall people can :)

    My best- Diane

  2. They look awesome!  I'm loving the chevron.  There is NO WAY anyone would notice unless you pointed it out.  Keep 'em up and forget about it! :)

  3. If it makes you feel any better, they are still super cute. Like the  chevron pattern

  4. They look good and they are staying up, Melissa!  That's good enough for me! : )

    Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

  5. melissa*320 sycamore1/18/14, 6:44 PM

    Thank you Saxie and Kathy! :)

  6. Ashley Skinner1/18/14, 6:44 PM

    do i see white cabinets peeking out in those pictures? did i miss a kitchen reveal??

  7. So maybe you get 50% for mechanics. . . but you get an A+ for cuteness!  I love the chevron fabric.  The  lights play nicely with your chair, right?  Very cool.  

    And do I spy some WHITE cabinets in the background?  How exciting!  Are you finished with the cupboards yet, or is that still a work in progress?  As for that stencilled border, that's gonna be nothing.  You'll get that done faster than you can say Bob's-your-uncle.  Wish I could come to Virginia and help you! :)

  8. Love the chevron...didin't even notice any imperfections. :)

  9. Gracefullkari1/18/14, 6:45 PM

    It still looks adorable.....and we wouldn't have known it if you didn't point it out! :) Can't wait to see the tutorial!!

  10. melissa*320 sycamore1/18/14, 6:45 PM

    Thank you, Diane! No one has ever noticed unless I point it out, but of course it bugs me and the one does hang a little different than the other...

  11. melissa*320 sycamore1/18/14, 6:45 PM

    I wish too!! Almost done :)

  12. melissa*320 sycamore1/18/14, 6:45 PM

    Nope..it's coming.

  13. Somethingniceandpretty1/18/14, 6:45 PM

    Who would notice? Not me, I think they are gorgeous I love the drum shades!

  14. Well, I know it's frustrating when a project doesn't work like you think it would...been there. But they look really cute, and like everyone else said, nobody will notice unless you tell them.

  15. This is like an episode from "one of these things is not like the other"! I love the look. of the one on the right. I am using the same exact fabric to recover the pads on a rocker for a friend's nursery.

  16. I love how they look! I got a laugh reading this because that's the way I do things.


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