Montana + Canada

12 August 2011

Of all the memorable views, the best have been framed by Montana windows"  ~ William Hjortsberg
If you’ve been reading this blog long, you know I have quite a love affair with Montana. Sometimes I pretend that I work for the Montana Dept of Tourism…
Here are some pics from the trip out there~
Riding horses at Great-Grandmas w/ Aunt Nancy leading…

july 2011 304 1
perfect playing weather for playing outsidejuly 2011 399 1

band concert in the parkjuly 2011 047 1   
fun times with cousins at the lake!july 2011 370 1
july 2011 344
 july 2011 356 1
The carousel:
july 2011 025 1
july 2011 032 1
If you haven’t ever been to Glacier, you really must put it on your must-sees. I think it’s got to be one of the most beautiful places on Earth…
july 2011 433 1 july 2011 136 2
july 2011 474 1
Logan was thrilled they named a pass after him :)july 2011 523 1
july 2011 480 1
Look at the difference in the next 2 pictures. On the way up (Going to the Sun Road) it was sunny & 95 degrees and dropped 20 degrees on the way up to Logan pass.
july 2011 141 1
The next day on the way down, it was cool, rainy, and even hailed. They say if you don’t like the weather in Montana, wait a few hours…july 2011 639 2
We went on up to Canada to visit my Grandma~
Old Chief Mountain:july 2011 594 1
Hello, Canada girls! Canadian junk food is the BEST! I could use some Smarties about now…july 2011 591 
More Glacier Park on the way back:july 2011 602 1 july 2011 622 1 july 2011 648 1
july 2011 632 1
Big Sky Country
july 2011 653 1
Thanks for coming along!
Have you been to Montana or Alberta?
Do you live there?
Do you wish you lived there? ;)


  1. Aryn Ackerman1/8/14, 7:53 AM

    My family and I went on a ski trip to Big Sky when I was in high school, and close to 15 years later I still have dreams of going back!  And I've moved 2 gorgeous framed photos that I took from house to house to house over the years!  Our Christmas card that year was my family on top of a mountain, my sister and I with snowboards strapped to our feet. I remember stepping (sliding) off the chairlift the first day, turning around and just staring.  Sometimes it's nice to be reminded just how amazing our world can look.

  2. I love your pictures of Glacier!  After this visit, I did think that I could live in Alberta or Montana.  It was so beautiful this year -- unusually green.  Waterton was awesome, and we even got an overnight trip there without kids courtesy of my inlaws.  :)  We love Canadian junk food, too.  So funny that we were there at the same time.  It's beautiful country!

  3. My husband and I just got back from a quick trip through Glacier to Kalispell- your post was very timely.   We love it down in that Flathead /Whitefish area, but we also love living on the Prairies south of Lethbridge, Alberta.  Also home of big skies and beautiful sunsets.
    enjoyed your pictures too.  Thanks for sharing your vacation with us.

  4. We just got home from a week in Montana.  My in-laws live there this time of year.  I agree that it is one of the most beautiful places on earth!  We spend every vacation talking about buying a cabin there.  


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