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21 September 2011

This was our first apartment in Logan, Utah. 379 East 200 North. We were on the bottom right, $275 a month utilities included. Such good memories there…1st apartment 1
This was the kitchen. I asked the owner if I could paint the cabinets and he said sure, so I bought a gallon of FLAT white paint off the shelf at Kmart, got a cheap brush, and just went to town and painted right over those bin pulls! Ahhhhh! I had no idea what crimes I was committing…

1st kitchen 1  I did have the sense to save one of the crystal knobs that had broken off one of the doors that they were replacing with some cheap, ugly brass doorknobs (I wish I would have grabbed all of them!) In our home in Texas, I had displayed it like this.
I wanted to use it as part of our gallery wall in the entryway, so I took a small frame from the collection I’ve been gathering from thrifty finds…it was 50 cents.sept 2011 011 1
I traced the frame on to the back of an old notebook and spray painted it yellow (same paint I used for the chairs)sept 2011 002 1
Then I used a scrapbook paper quatrefoil design to put over it (this is the same paper Jen used in this project~she told me I could buy it at Michaels. It’s in a Martha Stewart craft paper pack)sept 2011 014 1 
And then hot glued (use a bunch) the doorknob right on:sept 2011 019 1
sept 2011 021 1  So now, we have the memory of our 1st apartment, minus the horrible flat paint in the kitchen! Have you ever committed a diy crime when you were young and dumb (or old and wise??)  signature


  1. Super cute and terrific idea!!!
    Sabrina from

  2. What a great keepsake from your old home!  And I love the quatrefoil - - so pretty!  I can't wait to see it in your new gallery wall!

  3. LOVE! What a great idea! Our first apartment was $250 a month, utilities too. Nice, huh? I did all sorts of awful decorating things before I knew any better. 

  4. Melissa, we were in the same ward.  I'm not sure if my sister was still there when you were there, but she was in that ward too (obviously).(:

  5. This is such a fun memento and I love how you used the paper to make a stencil, so clever! What kind of spray paint did you use for the silver? It looks so nice on the gallery wall and I haven't had much luck with a nice nickel-ish spray paint yet. I've read your blog forever but never comment- thanks for sharing!

  6. You know I couldn't adore a door knob any more than this one!  I just wish I had done the same thing with our home!  I so love this and all that it stands for too!  Loves!

  7. melissa*320 sycamore1/8/14, 6:02 PM

    Oh nooo! Totally sounds like something I would do. Did you use them for something else??

  8. I haven't ever commented on your blog, but I read it OFTEN and love it too!  Was this house right up there near the temple?  My great-great-grandmother's house looked just like this.  I don't know the address, darn it. I wonder if it was hers? Love the doorknob idea!

  9. melissa*320 sycamore1/8/14, 6:02 PM

    Yes! It was right across from the old carriage barn that they used from the temple...I don't know if that is still there even. That would be SO cool if it was her house!

  10. Dondra Stewart1/8/14, 6:03 PM

    OMG -- I just bought those same goose prints from the Goodwill for a redo!!  Will be following to see what you come up with.  Redid my other goose round print to a lovely pewter fleur di lis.  Poor country blue geese!!  Definitely adding doorknobs to my evergrowing list ... frames, windows, doors, aarrggh!!  I need a storage unit!

  11. melissa*320 sycamore1/8/14, 6:04 PM

    Tammy~that is so cool! It looks like lots have lived in that apt :) We love Logan...

  12. LOVE LOVE LOVE this.  SO FUN you have something from early on in your marriage!


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