more gallery wall touches + Amazon deal

22 September 2011

I took the famous gold letters from Hob Lob (I got it for $5 while I was visiting in Utah last spring and it broke in my suitcase…see the crack at the top?), sprayed it with some kelly green spray paint, and then sanded it down to show some of the gold. I’m trying to incorporate some little splashes of color as you could see with the chairs and the doorknob since I’m using mostly color pictures for the gallery wall….sept 2011 006 1

I also saw this print on Pinterest and fell in love~something I want to remind myself and my family of daily. So, I had my 1st grader write it up for me, because I love first grade hand writing…
sept 2011 045 1
We put it in an oval frame from a yard sale ($1) He shows it to everyone that comes in the door…don’t you wish you could freeze age 7?sept 2011 005 1
Remember last year when we signed up for Amazon Mom (free!) and it got us free 2 day shipping for 3 months (through Christmas!)? Well, if you haven’t signed up, you can, but I just found out that your husband or mom or other caretaker can also sign up (or…maybe you can sign them up..hint hint)
With Amazon Mom you get:
* FREE Amazon prime for 3 months. This means free 2 day shipping on pretty much everything, no miminum required!! Think of all the holiday shopping (during black friday you can shop in your pjs!!) you’ll be able to do without having to try to get to $25 for the free shipping! Plus, it will be on your doorstep in 2 days!
*plus, you get 30% off diapers and wipes using the subscribe and save feature.
There is a crazy good deal going on right now if you have anyone in size 3 diapers: Sign up for Amazon Mom, then go to Luvs Size 3, you will automatically get 15% off with Amazon Mom, and then choose subscribe and save at the right for another 15% off, making it about .11 a diaper shipped right to your door, plus for every $25 you spend before your discounts in the Baby Store on things like diapers and wipes, you get an extra month of free 2 day (prime) shipping! So mine is through January now~wahoo!
There are plenty of other deals as well, like these Huggies Pull Ups for only $11.98 for a 58 ct after the subscribe & save discount, plus there is a $2 coupon right there on the page (it will show up at checkout)
You can cancel the subscribe and save at any time by going to my account , then subscriptions and then you can cancel or change anything from there.
Just had to share, since….umm….Christmas is 93 days away!! yikes.

I am an affiliate with Amazon, but *I* choose what to share with you, and I only share deals that I think are AMAZING. that’s all :)


  1. would it be horrible of me to steal the quote about family from you?  or..did you come across any other quotes about family that were any good?  i love the one that says "the family is nature's masterpiece" and plan to put it in my entryway.'s not something you'd expect to come out of my 6 year old's mouth.  lol.

  2. Thanks so much for the amazon info. I was already getting ready to order a few things off of amazon and I have a baby wearing size 3 diapers!! 

  3. melissa*320 sycamore1/8/14, 6:10 PM

    of course not~it's not mine! It's from Pinterest.

  4. Ugh...I hate it when stuff gets broken in transit, but had you not pointed out the crack I never would have noticed it!  That's good, right?!?  I love the color you chose. 

    That's too sweet about your son.  I remember being so excited to show off my art work when I was that age. 

  5. Kari At A Grace Full Life1/18/14, 1:53 PM

    I love the color of the S. I did almost the same thing with my H from Hob Lob but in brown. Not a fan of the gold either.....:)

  6. melissa*320 sycamore1/18/14, 4:22 PM

    Thank you, Kari! I love the letters~I've also had one spray painted red and then green, and then black :)


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