gallery wall process: take 2

12 October 2011

We’re talking gallery wall again today!
For the chairs, I used the same process as I did here. Look at all the years of fabric I un-earthed from these babies! I actually saved that floral fabric~I loved it!sept 2011 033 1_thumb
sept 2011 015 1_thumb[1]

I found the globe for $2 at a yard sale! We protected it with tin foil, then sprayed it the same color as the light fixture.
sept 2011 044 1_thumb[1]
sept 2011 144 1_thumb[4]
For the dresser:
It was beautiful and old, but you can see the damage on the sides, so I decided to paint it.
dresser 1

I covered the sides with some good old beadboard wallpaper. I actually got it at Lowes (in the wallpaper aisle) this time~they have stepped it up and their bb wallpaper looks just the same as the stuff we used to have to order from Home Depot. I also used on my beadboard cabinets and the back of my kitchen shelf, and I just used the same process here.sept 2011 041 1_thumb[2]
I sanded the bottom of the dresser, primed it, then spray painted it with heirloom white spray paint (Rustoleum from Home Depot).sept 2011 016 1_thumb
For the top stain: 1. sand it down to the completely bare wood.  2. apply pre-stain conditioner~this will help your stain set evenly. sept 2011 013_thumb

3. let it soak in for 10-15 minutes, then wipe off excess with a rag or paper towel.
sept 2011 014_thumb
4. apply the stain with the grain until you achieve the darkness of your desire. I used special walnut gel stain.
5. protect it. I asked the nice guys at my local hardware store and they said this stuff is the best they’ve come across, and it’s water based, and environmentally friendly and supposed to be more durable than polyurethane. We  are also using it on our kitchen table re-finish and are very please so far! I apply it with a cheap sponge brush that can be thrown away. I only did one coat on this one since it’s more of a “look at me” piece that sits in the entryway.
sept 2011 022_thumb

And last, but not least, this is my gallery wall’s best friend:

 sept 2011 008 (3)_thumb[1]

Did you ever use this to hang up posters in your cinder block dorm rooms?? Well, it also works perfectly if you put a little piece behind your pictures and smoosh them to the wall. Your frames won’t budge when doors are slammed (ahem) or earthquakes come (we had a little one!)sept 2011 030 1_thumb[1]
That’s it! You can see more completed pics here.
I really, really want to do a big, fat ancestor gallery wall in my hallway~I have some awesome old pictures, but I’m also afraid of putting too much on my walls. Any thoughts?
Happy Wednesday~


  1. Loved it all! Lives the yellow chairs, the bead board sides and the natural wood finish to the top. Thanks for all the descriptions.

  2. Your globe was a steal! I've been on the hunt for a cheap one for awhile. Could you let me know how many cans of spray paint it took to paint your dresser? Thank you!

  3. melissa*320 sycamore1/8/14, 1:14 PM

    Thank you! I love the same color frame look as well, but it looked a little too matchy matchy for our entryway, for some reason. I'm going to come up with something for our ancestor wall...

  4. oooooh my...i can't WAIT to see your ancestor wall.  oh my god.  this is going to be great.  i have all the pictures ready to go for mine, but i don't know where to PUT them.  like, which room, which area.  any suggestions?  i need suggestions for what to put in my entry way, as well.  it has quite a bit of wall space.

  5. I absolutely love the way the dresser turned out!


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