glass doors for the kitchen cabinet

16 November 2011

Here is what I have decided (uh..for now) for the penny tile cabinet:November 2011 068 1
We put the glass inserts in the doors and put them back on. I like the look, but may get an itchin’ to take the doors off again…

The cabinets were just your everyday 90’s standard golden oak:
November 2011 123 1

So, we just pried the back wood part off using a pry bar or a heavy duty butter knife and it left us with the cabinet door frame.November 2011 124 1
November 2011 105 1
and attach the glass with a heavy duty clear caulk (the nice guys at the hardware store showed me one that would be good) and you have “custom” glass doors!
November 2011 068 1
We’re getting soooo close! More tomorrow…


  1. Looks so good. I'm curious, how did you get electricity to the lamp? Where does the cord go? Really, it looks so beautiful, can't wait to see the rest!

  2. Oh my gosh! Genius! I love the look of glass door cabinets, but new cabinets aren't in the budget - this is perfect!

  3. West Furniture Revival1/8/14, 1:28 PM

    Great idea and it turned out beautiful, I'd love to feature it, please let me know if that would be ok with you

  4. Melissa, thank you for posting this. I would love to duplicate it on one of my cabinets. However, if I removed the back wood of my 20x28-inch cabinet door, I'm not sure the remaining "frame" would be strong enough to support the glass. Were your hinges attached to the frame, or to the wooden back? ie, did you have to re-hang the hinges? Do you have a better picture of how the hinges are attached to the frame?

    I'm currently researching Lexan to see if that might be a better, lighter option for me.

    Thanks so much!

  5. i'd never thought about making the cabinets into glass doors. good idea! i'm ready for more kitchen reveals! 


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