paper star pendants

30 November 2011

I saw these paper star pendants in PB Teen and fell in love. They were $12 with free shipping (similar ones here), so I thought that I might get some for Christmas since we don’t have a room with an electric guitar, a furry beanbag, or a karaoke machine at the moment. Usually I’m trying to copy Pottery Barn, but I couldn’t pass these up for this price.

pb star

They came like this:
december 2010 112

You just bring it out like an accordian and tie together.
The cardboard is really heavy, but I didn’t want them to look like paper, so they got a coat of heirloom white spray paint out in the FAH-REEZING garage:

december 2010 113 1

Then I brought out the distress ink that Shelley loves:december 2010 006 1

december 2010 007 1

And then hung them in the living room windows for some Christmas cheer:december 2010 035 1
december 2010 017 1

Pottery Barn sells the cord kit for $12, but we just used these replacement lights you can buy for Christmas villages at a craft store for around $3, hung a small nail above the window, and tucked the cords behind the curtains. 

december 2010 056 1
I've also been informed that Ikea has some stars like these, but please let's not talk about Ikea and remind me that I don't have one anywhere near...


  1. I loooove your curtains!!
    Were these homemade or did you find them @ a store? Would live to find something similar. Thank you Melissa!!

  2. You can see them here:

  3. Speaking of Ikea, you do have a pretty awesome friend *cough*me*cough* that can ALWAYS use a good excuse to go to Ikea to get you little things and mail them to you. ;)

  4. What a!!!!

  5. Love the stars.  Went to PB adn ordred a few for me!  thanks.

  6. I love them in the window! Thankfully, my office is across the street from an Ikea.

    Just for anyone curious, here a link to the Ikea version, the light bulb is sold separately:

    They have a larger version, too, for $12.99.

    Love what you did with the ink -- genius!

  7. cute stars but I love your curtain fabric!!!  What is it?  

  8. Love these, and the distressing is a perfect touch :)

  9. melissa*320 sycamore1/8/14, 8:08 AM

    curtain info in this post:

  10. melissa*320 sycamore1/8/14, 1:14 PM

    YES! I'll have the info tomorrow~I've got some great bloggers lined up and of course we'll have the linky party where everyone can share. I love it too! :)

  11. I remember this post from last year! Love those stars!!

  12. Oh my gosh, they look adorable in the windows.  Now I want some, and I just was at Ikea Sunday (the nearest one is 4 hours from me)!

  13. Love this! I totally want to do this in my house now!

  14. SQUEAL!!!  I love the idea of hanging them in the window!  Beautiful!!!  
    The nearest IKEA is 3 hours away, so I'm not holding my breath in getting some there.  I think $12 for a PB item is pretty good!  Way to go!  

  15. Who would have thought, they look so nice up on you window, especially after distressing them.

  16. This is totally off-topic, but are you going to do a "Favorite Things" party this year? I love participating in it!

  17. I remember your posting about these!  These are so pretty--especially the way you painted and stained them!  Are you hanging them again this year?

  18. I really like these, they look great! I can never seem to get distressing just right, but maybe that's just me, ha! And I know this isn't the focus of the post, but I love your curtains!!


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