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02 December 2011

* WOW. December is here. I’m still in the midst of decorating…wish I could say it was all beautiful and festive around here, but it’s not yet. How are you coming?

*we have pulled out the holiday cups: they are just random mugs from the dollar store or Goodwill. Each kid chooses one and that is their cup for the month. It helps keep dishes down in a very busy month adds a little cheer to milk at lunch.december 2011 015 1

I thought these straws from the dollar tree were fun & festive too!

december 2011 016 1

* It’s coming! Mark your calendars: our 3rd annual Favorite Things party will be on Friday, December 16! Anyone can link up~I always love seeing your favorites and I have some fabulous guest bloggers lined up to share their favorites as well.

favorite things 2011 button

* The kitchen is finished and it’s supposed to be 60 degrees and sunny today, which doesn’t do much for Christmas spirit, but is good for taking pictures! Here’s hoping…

*I need to finish wrapping books.

* I posted some deals here today.

* you can still enter for the $100 cooking.com giftcard here or the HP Touchsmart 320 Giveaway here.

Have a wonderful, productive, festive weekend…



  1. I got the same straws at Dollar Tree yesterday - I thought they were adorable!

  2. I love hearing about your family traditions, Melissa. It encourages me to start my own! Thanks for inspiring me!  Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I am exactly where you're at...wish I was finished decorating...my goal is Sunday night!  But one project is leading into other projects.  Need to focus!  Love your blog!

  4. I love that you added that your mugs are from the dollar store and Goodwill. I love finding treasures for low prices! Just goes to show that starting traditions doesn't have to cost a lot, and the kids will remember and cherish those memories when they're older!

  5. Hey Melissa,  I wanted to thank you so much for the American Express tip last week.  We got $25 worth of free gas.  How cool is that?


  6. Melissa, I have been thinking about Your Favorite Things and wasn't sure you were going to do it this year!  So glad you are, I look forward to it each year.  Dollar Tree just opened up here - guess I need to go and see if I can find those straws! Thanks!! :)

  7. melissa*320 sycamore1/8/14, 5:36 PM

    Brandi~thanks for taking the time to comment! It means a lot.


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