favorite things 2011 party with sarah from thrifty decor chick!

16 December 2011

Our guest hostess for the party kickoff is none other than the wonderful Sarah from Thrifty Decor Chick!
I love Sarah’s passion for beautiful, thrifty diy. She makes you feel right at home at her blog and her mind just amazes me with the stuff she comes up with. A few of my favorites over at her blog:

She’s a genius with moulding~LOVE this book nook!sarah 3

If you don’t know and love her already, you will when you see her blog ! Thanks for sharing with us, Sarah! You can link up to the party below Sarah’s favorite things!
Well hello! Sarah from Thrifty Decor Chick here! I’m so excited to be at Melissa’s today (LOVE her) to share some of my favorites this time of year! If you haven’t met me, you should know I love everything about Christmas…the foods, the scents, the traditions!
I know they don’t look particularly appetizing, but you gotta give the Holiday Pies at McDonald’s a chance:


They are SO yummy! Like a warm, soft sugar cookie and a tiny bit of sprinkle crunch. I may or may not have had one for breakfast this morning. ;)
This is the first year we don’t have a real Frasier fir Christmas tree in our home, and I miss that incredible smell so! I’ve been a fan of the Thymes Fir candles for years, but I have one burning more often than ever this month:
The scent is just divine! The cost is not…they are a bit pricey. But if you love that evergreen scent, these will not disappoint!
Our favorite Christmas movie is hands down The Polar Express. It’s probably because my son has been nuts about trains for years now, but it’s just a magical movie:


We go every year to watch it in 3D IMAX at our state museum and if you have the chance to do the same, I HIGHLY recommend it. This movie is simple amazing in 3D and bigger than life. I don’t cry when we watch it at home, but with all these special effects I can’t help but get teary in the theater. 

And I can still hear the bell ring. ;)
I found these Christmas light glasses at Lowe’s a couple of years ago, and they are falling apart because we use them so much:
We have a snowflake, star and snowman version (they change every single light into a shape) and they are too fun! We use them driving around looking at lights but they are equally awesome just checking out the tree inside.
I put one in front of my camera lens for this beautiful shot of our tree:

You can find them at Amazon.com here (check out the bottom of the page for bunches of options).
I’m all about comfort foods this time of year, and I’m using the crock pot constantly.  A few of my readers turned me on to the liners and I LOVE them!:

It saves SO much clean up time! I think you get six or so for less than $3. (You can find them in the aisle with plastic baggies.) Awesome!
And finally, I’m ending with a new favorite of my son’s. :) He just turned five and is already WAY into Legos. Nuts about them, really. But Legos kind of drive me batty. There’s just SO MANY OF THEM.
A few months ago we picked up a small Playmobil set and now we’re all hooked on these too:
He loves them because they’re easy to play with but they have super cool (and cute!) little details. I like them because they're great quality and they aren’t a total pain to put together. They have an amazing selection too! And did I mention they don’t have 435 pieces in each box? Best part. :)
There you go! My most recent favorites – I love every one of them! Thanks SO much to Melissa for having me today and Merry Christmas!
Thank you, Sarah for sharing all of your favorites and secrets! The glasses trick is SO cool.  We’ve had some fabulous guests this year if you missed them:
Donna from Funky Junk Interiors, and

Now it’s YOUR turn! Our 3rd Annual Favorite Things Party is here!
Please at least visit the 2 entries before yours and leave a comment.  I would love for you to copy the little badge below and link back here~thank you for party-ing with us!  P.S. There is a crazy Lands End sale going on, so I had to quickly update the deal posts from yesterday! 

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  1. I'm grateful for the evergreen candle tip!  I've bought lots of cheap ones over the years and they never smelled right...after dropping $11 on a tiny candle, I don't regret it for a minute.  Those candles are amazing and my home smells like a Christmas forest.

  2. Mssmartiepants1/8/14, 5:49 PM

    Sarah have you seen the Playmobile nativity? My kids are grown and still love to get it out this time of year. Great favs!

  3. haha don't worry about it!  I'm just happy to be here. ;)


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