*my* favorite posts from 2011

31 December 2011

They may not have the most comments or hits, but here the ones that are near and dear to my heart:

1. Spring On My Door :  my oldest daughter was home sick that day and we had the crazy notion to write this post in cave man talk. We were laughing so hard and google searching for a cave woman to sign the post with. Most of you probably thoughy I was off my rocker as you read, except for Amy at a Nest For All Seasons who simply wrote: “like much.” She has a special place in my heart!

2. A letter to myself: I need to read this more often…

3. A politically correct golden book: loved the comments on this one.

4. DIY Reality: I don’t know why it’s so FREEing to let you know that things aren’t even close to perfect around here?

5. Blueberries and Bridges: loved this day

6. A living room: love these boys.

7. Courage for the week 1.30.11: one of my all-time favorite quotes

8. Mom questions: this was a guest post about being a mom.

9. Gluttony and the holidays: again, love the comments on this one.

10. The story of why we have a washer and dryer in our family room: love remembering that day and the look on my husband’s face…

Okay, this is the last post of looking back at 2011. I promise we’ll look ahead tomorrow, when it’s 2012.

Thanks for looking back with me~I so wish I could meet you all in person.

Happy New Year!



  1. Janmary, N Ireland1/7/14, 10:54 PM

    Some of my favourite posts haven't had many visitors/comments too.

    Happy New Year from N Ireland.

  2. haha...you are awesome :)  There is a Melissa sized place in my heart too dear girl!! :)

  3. These were some of my favorites (as a reader) too.  I love that quote. I printed it out and had it right by the computer for a long time.  Thanks for bringing beauty and fun to all of us with your blog.  Happy New Year!

  4. cassie {hi sugarplum}1/7/14, 10:54 PM

    I loved all these posts -- and look forward to more honesty and great projects in 2012 from you!!! Happy New Year!!!

  5. melissa*320 sycamore1/7/14, 10:55 PM

    thank you, beautiful Cassie! right back at ya.


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