Southern Living Style book

20 January 2012

When I was contacted to see if I would like to review the new Southern Living Style book, I had to think about it for about 2 seconds. Yes, (ma’am!!) You know that I’m completely smitten with a previous Southern Living before & after magazine that was the inspiration for my living room tablescape.january 2012 002 1
Speaking of which, do you think they left that beautiful piece out?? Of course not:january 2012 011 1
It’s full of tips and quotes from homeowners and designers,january 2012 004 1
But the PICTURES is where it’s at!
Bedrooms,january 2012 008 1

(you just may be seeing my version of this orange dresser and driftwood mirror in my boys’ room…love.)january 2012 014 1

kitchens, dining rooms, and offices.january 2012 019 1

and great ideas for artwork.january 2012 023 1
do you like to take the dust jackets off of books to see what’s underneath??january 2012 020 1
I do.
Pinterest is awesome, but there is just something about having your own book on your nightstand or coffee table you can look through and pore over page after page of loveliness. And the best part? Bookmarking pages of ideas with stickies that no one else will see. signature
You can buy it on Amazon, or most bookstores.


  1. Hahaha! I sometimes 'label' things on my Pinterest boards as a little odd. So that maybe pinterest search won't pick it up. Shhhh!:)

  2. I checked this book out of my local library and it is amazing!  I find myself browsing the pages daily.

  3. I do love paging through books and magazines.  It's more relaxing.  Thanks for the peek.  I  think I need to get me a copy of that:)!

  4. Agree 100% about having a book in your hand!

  5. Glad to get a peek inside...this looks like a book I would love!  And yes, I do take the dust jackets off a lot of my books!

  6. I totally agree!  I love books and magazines too.  There's just something about having a hard copy in your hands. 

  7. I agree with a book in hand! I just haven't been able to get at it in Pinterest, because there are so many things I love, but I want to love secretly and don't want anyone else to see quite yet!


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