master bathroom: details & pricing

23 February 2012

Thank you SO, SO much for all of the comments, pinning, sharing of the bathroom! Here is the post I promised with all the dirty details and pricing :)master bath before and after_thumb[5]

We sold the cabinet above the toilet on Craigslist. (ahem…let me clarify. The cabinet is still sitting in the garage waiting to go on Craigslist)  The shelves were from Home Depot~you can find them in the closet organization section. I liked them because they were a bit deeper than others I looked at, but not so deep that they stick too far out from the back of the toilet. $27 x 3 =$81 {more on these here}

The wall paint color is Fossil Grey by Glidden. <------if you click on that link it will show you some close matches. It is an older color, but Home Depot and Ace Hardware (and most other places?) should have it in their computers. I can’t tell you how many other greys I tried and this one was exactly what I was looking for. Not too dark, not too light, not too cool, not too green, not too brown. Love it. $25

new toilet paper holder on side of the vanity= $6 at walmart
new garbage can from TJ Maxx= $10


I know you are shocked, but the silhouettes aren’t of us. I found them at a little thrift shop I stopped in at one day and was just kind of smitten with them. They were $11 for the pair and they are old. Like I was afraid the frames weren’t going to make it when I hung them. I’m just going to pretend they are family heirlooms. :) I would love to know the history behind them though…
hooks are from Home Depot $4 each = $8
white towels from TJ Maxx $8 each = $16

frame from goodwill .55 (not .50! but .55…gotta love their pricing) I love this quote and I decided I needed to hang it where I would see it often. I found it on Pinterest.february-2012-master-bathroom-after-[4]

Light fixture from Home Depot for $29. It was one of the promos they had at the end of the year, re-do your bath, everything you need is cheap :)
The mirror was from Lowes on clearance $24. (Not THE mirror clearance, but just a random one this year and not as exciting) {more here on how we removed the old mirror}

We kept the original vanity and painted and just replaced the counter and sidesplash.
The carrera countertop and sink were from Home Depot online:  $387 + this sidesplash $38 = $425

Paint on cabinets: benjamin moore impervo in white dove. ( Leftover from my daughter’s room and the kitchen.)
the handles are from Home Depot $4 each = $8february-2012-master-bathroom-after-[1]

The little frame was from the thrift store: $1 and I just printed off this quote. The towel holder was from Walmart $8.february-2012-master-bathroom-after-[33]

The baskets were from Michaels on sale w/ coupon (of course!) 4 at $7 each, the small one was $4. = $32
The gold mirror was from the thrift store $2.95
The clock was from etsy: $15february-2012-master-bathroom-after-[7]

The wire tp basket I have had for awhile~it was from a yard sale $1, the containers were from the goodwill, .55 and .95 each~one held used to hold chocolate, the other said “tea” on the label I tore off. The towels were from TJ Maxx, $8 each =$18.50february-2012-master-bathroom-after-[6]

I found the magazine holder at TJ Maxx for $15, but here is an almost identical one.february-2012-master-bathroom-after-[41]

The flooring is Allure flooring from H.Depot in Pacific Pine. It is only $1.99 a sq. ft, so it was under $100 (2 boxes, we used about one and a half.) We used it in our last home and in our bathroom downstairs and loved it, and since he’s a pro at installing it now, he put it in over his holiday break. When he installed the flooring, we removed the baseboards and painted them to freshen them up. See more info on the flooring in this post.february-2012-master-bathroom-after-

The roller shade is just a simple one found at Home Depot for $3.85~look in their miscuts and you can usually find one that will work. Then I just covered it with fabric (Premier Prints chipper twill storm) from  $7.48/yard 1.5 yards = $11.50 {more coming on this}

Our budget was $1,000 and we came super close:
Grand total: $995.90 for everything above, including the accessories, towels, etc. but I’m sure I’m forgetting something. Oh well…close enough?
Did I miss something? Feel free to ask questions in the comments! There are a few more little tutorials coming next week on some of these~thank you again for all of your kind comments and pins on this~


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  1. Love the flooring and wall color...a lot! Just the visual inspiration I needed to show my husband as we begin a bathroom remodel. :)

  2. We are redoing our sons bathroom, I have a question about the flooring. Does it hold up well in bathrooms? I guess what I mean does it hold up well in a bathroom of three boys? We caught my 11 yr old washing our chocalate lab outside the tub, yep just dumping water on her! But anyway that's not the norm here, but he does tend to get water all over the floor when he takes. Bath!

  3. What brand are the towels? I love them and can't find them anywhere.

  4. Yes, but I still put a few old towels down when the boys are in there to be sure. The brand of the towels is wellesley manor.

  5. I really love the shelves above the toilet. How did you brace them? I want my hubby to put some up but that was his first question!

  6. Love it! How far apart did you hang the shelves?

  7. The link for color matches doesn't work. Any idea what the matches were? I've been looking for that color for a long time and it seems perfect, but I don't want them to mix something for me before I see samples, you know? Please help!

    1. go to Home Depot, they should have it in their paint system and get a $3 sample.

  8. Beautiful! May I ask what you store in your baskets? Always interested in how people organize...thank you!

    1. On the bottom left basket, my makeup, toothbrush, facewash, etc. On the bottom right basket: his shaving stuff, toothpaste, etc.
      On the top shelves I store things we don't use as much like extra womanly supplies, extra makeup, extra shave gel, etc.

  9. Where did you get the wire magazine racks?

    1. TJ Maxx, I have also seen them at Tuesday Morning. It just depends on what your store gets in -- good luck!

  10. Looks great! What is the depth of those wall shelves? Home depot appears not to carry them anymore

  11. The old cabinet you had above the toilet... my mom has EXACTLY the same one in her bathroom I have been itching to remove. How was it attached? How did you remove it? Was it difficult to patch the holes?

  12. Can you share the height you hung the shelves from the floor or top of the toilet? I really like how you manged to get 3 shelves without it looking crowded. Are your ceilings 8' or taller?


  13. For the floor, did you lay those planks over the vinyl?


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