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16 March 2012

waiting for his kitty blanket to come out…january-2012-004_thumbjanuary-2012-005-2_thumb

the tallest megablock tower EVER.january-2012-013_thumb

smoothie stache.january 2012 021 1

floor is down in the other bathroom, that’s about it…january 2012 026 1

lovely weather=sidewalk chalk artjanuary 2012 043 1

and rides on the “bus”


I totally asked for this one: we’re painting the master bedroom~I left it open on the counter, unattended. march 2012 035 1And I obviously forgot to wind my clock, because we certainly don’t paint at 7 a.m. around here :)

It’s FRIDAY!! Hoping to finish some projects around here, namely in the master bedroom!signature


  1. Gotta love life with kids....so sweet, they make you smile.  Which makes up for painting incidents.... :)

  2. melissa*320 sycamore1/8/14, 2:58 PM

    mmm, great question. I still feel that way!! Overwhelmed, why can't we just BUILD a dream house. Enough of this DIY garbage! :) But then, I get a good sleep, and start fresh the next day, and just BEGIN and then I get kind of excited when I see how it's coming together and that feeling of "hey, we DID it" sets in. I would say, don't tackle the big rooms right away. I really think you have to get to know a house a little bit, and take enough time to gather inspiration, ideas, etc. AND, let your mistakes be done in smaller areas, like laundry rooms and bedrooms before you hit the big ones like a kitchen. It's nice to have a practice area, if you will. You can do it! Everyone feels like that at one point or another, but baby steps. One area, one project at a time. Good luck!!

  3. Lovely chalk art!!  Love it!

  4. Some great pictures there!

  5. Adorable boys! I think "riding the bus" is my favorite!!

  6. Adorable pictures, love the mustache! And that last picture of your little painter is so funny! Just be glad you weren't busting up tile. When we were looking at flooring years ago, the guy at the tile store told us about a customer who had replaced their tile- the kiddo had watched the contractor busting up the old tile- yep, you guessed it- he found the hammer and "worked on" the newly laid tile!


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