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14 March 2012

Mission for the weekend? To conquer my shoes and jewelry in our bedroom. For my shoes, I got rid of 10 pairs, and hung the rest on the back of our door. If I get another pair, I’m going to force myself to get rid of another, because I won’t have anywhere else to put it. I hang my boots in my closet on skirt hangers like I saw from this pin! more on that later..

march 2012 087 1

wahoo!! check one.
I wanted to clear off the surfaces as much as possible, so I decided to use the wall behind the door for hanging jewelry organization.
I found this beauty at the thrift store for $2.95.

march 2012 045 1

So you can appreciate it’s vast qualities, I have to show you that the dogs are yes indeed, 3D.

march 2012 048 1

This sweet man in line behind at the Goodwill me said, “that’s a nice picture you got there. Where you gonna hang it?” I gulped and said, “in my bedroom.” He nodded approvingly. I didn’t have the heart to tell him exactly what I was going to do with it.

I spray painted the frame with leftover spray paint from our wall gallery. (krylon caramel latte)

march 2012 070 1

I just turned the 3D dogs around and since it was like a thick cloth covered cardboard it was perfect to hold pins but I needed to cover it. I snagged this fab fabric from a dishcloth at the Dollar Tree. Loved it! I think it also would make cute flower pins for spring.

march 2012 017 1

Then, I bought a package of corsage pins at walmart for $3, and started pinning and hanging.

march 2012 083 1

march 2012 077 1

I purged a lot of jewelry, and it was fun to hang the rest.  It’s so nice to have all of my jewelry in one spot where I can see it all at once.

march 2012 081 1

How do you organize your shoes/jewelry? Jewelry boxes? shoe hangers? big heap on the floor? ;)



  1. Been wanting to do this for my necklaces but haven't been able to find an interesting frame. Just wondering what you pushed the pIns into? Lovely project :)

  2. melissa*320 sycamore1/8/14, 2:55 PM

    or I've seen small chicken wire too!

  3. That is exactly how I hang my jewelry (except I just used a bulletin board).  Works great - makes it so easy to access what you have!

  4. melissa*320 sycamore1/8/14, 2:55 PM

    The long skinny one has a cork board underneath it, and for the dog one, I just took it out and flipped it over, so it's like a thick cloth covered cardboard that the pins go into.

  5. Wow! I love this. But do those pins really hold heavier items like bangle bracelets and watches for long periods at a time?

  6. Great idea!!  I really love how you can see your jewelry and it's not tangled up with anything else.  There is a lady in my town that has designed and patented jewelry organizers that you attach to your hanger, so that the necklace and earrings you want to wear are with the matching outfit.  I like your idea much better, now that I have embraced the more modern method of not being so matchy, matchy and just making sure it "goes", as Clinton and Stacy would say.  Plus, i don't go with the one outfit idea now, as much as I do the mix and match and then go with the jewelry that feels good that day.

  7. I don't organize mine...but I might now.  Excellent idea!!  Thanks for sharing it!

  8. Looks great!  I store my shoes in clear plastic boxes on a shelf in my closet.  Jewelry is in a drawer in organizer trays, but I really want to create something for my larger necklaces and bracelets where I can see them.

  9. This is an awesome idea.  Thanks so much for your great blog.  I am a new fan!

  10. Love the jewelry organizers I mad something similar for my girlfriends that are key or necklace holders. I like your fabric choices.

  11. Awesome! I have everything I need to do this too but I'm too stunned to think of it! Thanks for sharing!

  12. i love the project... but even more.... i LOVE your jewelry collection!! FABULOUS!! :)

  13. Great idea!  Haven't been by your blog in happy I stopped by tonight.  Love this idea.  :-)

  14. Claudia Thompson1/16/14, 11:06 PM

    What type of hooks did you use for the horizontal one? Where did you find them? Looks as if you may have also used cup hooks at the bottom too? Good ideas. Thanks.


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