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26 June 2012

Hello, friends! We are back from vacation and Haven 2012. Well, kind of back. My body is here, brain is catching up. So much to share with you, but for right now I’m going to show you one of the next projects on our list: Hailey’s room. Because for some reason, it’s easier for me to share a quick little project than to try to put the past few weeks into words. Does that even make sense?
Here is a $5 chandelier from a yard sale I shared with you over a YEAR ago. We move quickly around here, don’t we?

paint brass chandelier

I just took out a trusty can of heirloom white spray paint (how to here), took it to the brass, and it was like new.

paint brass chandelier  
The lights were the most expensive part of this diy project. I wanted the globe lights for something a little different~they remind me of all of the outdoor lights in the summer.
paint brass chandelier
Cost breakdown:
Chandelier: $5
Lights : $15
Spray Paint $4
Total: $24
Not too shabby, eh?
You can see a sneak preview of her bedding tomorrow with a fantastic giveaway~see you back here!



  1. Not too shabby at all!! Looks beautiful!!  What a great way to re-purpose.

  2. Not too shabby at all! I did a $5 Chandy makeover, too. I took the wiring out and made it for candles.

    Check it out here:

  3. Love Love Love the chandelier! Thanks for sharing. 

  4. Another inspirational post! see the chandelier I would like to paint - I put a picture here: But before, I have to clean everything and remove the old lighting fixtures and then looks a bit tricky but the really nice result your display is motivating for me! I was thinking a flashy color, but your white looks marvellous. Thanks and have a good day. Ben

  5. Love it!  I have it's twin sister in black in my guest room.  Your bulbs are much better than my candle light ones. Thanks for stopping by Pretty Old Houses--I do hope they have Haven again next year, I'm already thinking about that I'd do differently.


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