painted american flag * pottery barn style

29 June 2012

This is a knock-off I have been wanting to do FOREVER. Well, for at least 4-5 years.
Since I laid eyes on this. The Pottery Barn painted flag.
But didn’t want to shell out $129, plus shipping, plus WAITING.
So I got to work.
Scavenged around downstairs to find a scrap piece of plywood leftover from the playroom closet.
june 2012 033 1

I sealed it up with Zinsser primer,
june 2012 032
Then scraped some Rustoleum heirloom white out of a crusty old can (that has seen me through who knows how many projects??) and covered the entire board.june 2012 037 1
Thinking I was going to get to this before our vacation (pah!!) I ordered some wooden stars from an Etsy shoppe back in May. I placed them in the corner with a tiny piece of double stick tape on the back so they wouldn’t go flying when the spray painting began.june 2012 040 1
Taped it off with frog tape, and then tried to cover the rest with some magazines.june 2012 043 1
When you spray the blue, try to spray directly down on top of the stars, not from the side so it won’t seep underneath and give you sloppy stars. It’s okay if they are not perfect though, because we want this to look worn and weathered. Tape off your 13 stripes, and then spray your red.
june 2012 047 1
I wanted it to look pretty worn, so I took low grit sandpaper and then some water based maple stain (by the craft paint) and kind of smeared it around with some paper towels.
june 2012 048
Here are the colors I used: rustoleum royal blue, krylon cherry red, maple stain, and heirloom white.
june 2012 052
And there you have it. There is not a sight like Old Glory~she’s going to stand proudly in our living room in the summer!
Here is my cost breakdown:
scrap plywood: free
primer & heirloom white: free (leftovers)
Krylon cherry red spray paint: free (leftover)
Rustoleum royal blue: $4.25 at hardware store
stain: leftover
wooden stars from etsy shoppe: $16
Total:  $20.25
So, we didn’t make Under $10, Under 1 Hour but we saved over $100 from PB??
pottery barn knockoff flagdiy american flagamerican flag diy
Can you believe June is almost over?? Happy Friday~



  1. LOVELOVELOVELOVE IT!!! i am SO doing this!

  2. melissa*320 sycamore1/8/14, 1:24 PM

    Thanks, Sarah!!

  3. melissa*320 sycamore1/8/14, 1:24 PM

    Do it, Tracy!! I bet Ryan would help? :)

  4. I love love this project....anything with spray paint is for me!!!  What are the dimensions on your lumber?

  5. Perfect!    Love it...

    Happy Fourth!


  6. melissa*320 sycamore1/8/14, 1:27 PM

    Just measured: it is 24 inches tall and 32 inches wide. Good luck!

  7. melissa*320 sycamore1/8/14, 1:27 PM

    Hi Kim! It is 24 inches tall and 32 inches across.

  8. Christina@TheFrugalHomemaker1/8/14, 1:28 PM

    Love this, Melissa!  I actually like yours BETTER than Pottery Barn's version! :)  I really wanted to do some kind of flag art - a painted one or one made from pallets this year.  But with Haven and a busy month of June for me, it just didn't get done.

    Pinning yours to hopefully make next year!

  9. Lovely! Keep those creative juices flowing dear! 
    personal investing

  10. Lovely job and a great room addition {summer and even during the school year}!  :D



  11. that turned out fabulous! I really love it. I would rock that all year (not just for the fourth)

  12. melissa*320 sycamore1/8/14, 5:36 PM

    Thank you, Megan! I may put it my little boy's room all year around...haven't decided yet!

  13. I have been wanting to make one of these too!!  Yours turned out great, thank for sharing how you did it!


  14. I love it Melissa! Great job!


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