picture display idea & winners

21 June 2012

Loved this idea that my sister-in-law Kristine had in her hallway between a bathroom and laundry room door:june 2012 066 1
june 2012 067n1
What a perfect use of a skinny space! I’m thinking it would be perfect for holiday cards too?
More shutter ideas here.

Happy Thursday~I am off to the Haven conference with this cute girl. Cannot wait!!



  1. Love this idea especially for a skinny wall! I love your blog- great useful ideas! Thank you!

  2. It's almost like you knew I was googling "what to do with shutters" last week! We just bought a house built in 1970 and I have a few shutters, two sets of saloon doors and a set of shutter doors like your picture. Thank you for the ideas! 

  3. ShelbyPerfectlyImperfect1/16/14, 10:44 PM

    So clever! I may have to find a place for that cutenesss in my house!! 


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