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24 July 2012

Summer is kicking my behind in the blogging department. But here I am! We’ve slowly been working on the kids’ bathroom upstairs~here are a few ideas:
Would you pass up this avocado-lemon owl beauty in the thrift store for 55 cents?vintage owl
I think he looks pretty cute with a coat of grey spray paint….kids bath 2

Do you think it’s blasphemous to cut up books?
How about to frame some pictures from one of your all time favorite, FAVORITE books to bring you back every day?
the little house spring
the little house summer
the little house fall
the little house winter
kids bath 3
The frames are left over from the box I bought for our master bedroom gallery wall, and the mats were $2 at Walmart. The spray paint is Rustoleum “eden” and is leftover from this chair project. Are you allowed to use beach towels in the bathroom? Because they were on sale, I loved the colors, and there they are.
Frames: $4
Mats: $8
Spray paint: leftover=free
owl: .55 at Goodwill
towels: $5 each at Target
hooks: $4 each at Home Depot
Total: $26.55
Guess what my kids’ FAVORITE picture is??the little house nakey bum
Have you ever used a children’s book as artwork? Or spray painted a thrift store owl?


  1. Tracy Morrow Hathcock1/8/14, 7:53 AM

    I love all of it! So charming! :)

  2. I just love this post and the bathroom decor ideas. Plumbing in Clapham

  3. Just discovered your blog & simply had to comment on this post!  These pages are from my favorite book as a kid.  I can't recall the exact title, but it was about a house that was closed in on by urban expansion & moved to the country.  They make lovely, little framed pieces of art.  How fun!

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  5. Ashley Skinner1/8/14, 6:29 PM

    Love the pictures! I've stored away the idea of using children's books for when I eventually have kids. I also love the colorful frame trend that you're on right now. I'm thinking of using Eden on a big dresser we're redoing as a dining room buffet--- how is the color in real life? Too limey/bright or just a good green?

  6. I'm getting a bedroom back when our 25 year old son finally moves out and I am so following your lead on decorating it.  I want it for grandkids and we have both a boy and some girls so it needs to be gender friendly.  I see so many great children's books at my favorite thrift store so I'll be stopping next time I'm there for some inspiration and direction.  Thanks for sharing that great post!!

    Jaye @ Just Trying to Make Cents of it All

  7. I adore the owl!  Using book pages as art is fantastic!

  8. Those illustrations look very very familiar to me. What book are they from? I feel like a kid again just looking at them!

  9. Oh my goodness! The Little House!! I so remember that book from my childhood. My children were fascinated by this book too. Thanks for the sweet memories. Your children's bathroom is off to a great start. 

  10. Korrie@RedHenHome1/16/14, 9:11 PM

    Ooh, what a great idea!  I love that book, and that little naked boy is perfect for a bathroom!

  11. oh my gosh!  You just brought back such a good memory seeing those book pages--I had that book and have not seen or thought about in years...  Just made my day... and I luv the owl!

  12. melissa*320 sycamore1/16/14, 9:11 PM

    Hi Eileen! It is The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton. One of my mom's favorites, then mine, and now my kids :)

  13. Heather Moss1/16/14, 9:11 PM

    I love these ideas!  I don't know why my brain refuses to see the potential in things like those until someone else shows me!  Thanks!

  14. That is my all time favorite book growing up! I own my childhood copy for my girls and they love it so much too. I think I am going to get it out and read it again today. :)

  15. melissa*320 sycamore1/16/14, 9:11 PM

    The hardback versions are hard to come by! Go read it and suddenly wish you were that little boy jumping nakey into that pond :)

  16. Love the idea of using book pages!  And yes, I remember The Little House too!!

  17. So I have never used a kid's book as artwork...but I LOVE the idea!!!! It's so easy to find classics or old vintage books at thirft stores! Definately keeping that one in mind!

  18. Stephanie Fueger1/16/14, 9:11 PM

    "The Little House" is one of our favorites, too!  I scanned a page and made some art for my son's gallery wall using a quote I love "Love grows best in little houses."  Love the bathroom updates!  Everything looks great!  As for beach towels in the bathroom - I think great idea!  They seem more durable and less prone to weird bleaching and dye issues!

  19. Jennifer from The Craft Patch1/16/14, 9:11 PM

    The Little House is one of my favorite books too! I love the idea of being able to see the pictures every day. As long as you save one whole book to read. :)

  20. It looks perfect for the kids bathroom, Melissa! Love the idea of using the book pages.  Yes! I did get two owls for my daughter and spray painted them in a gloss white. They looked so much more up to date.

  21. Jenny@EvolutionofStyle1/16/14, 9:11 PM

    I have used a cook book/magazine as artwork (the magazine pages are the texture of a book), and YES I have spray painted a thrift store owl! Do I get bonus points for that one? ;-). Love the book pages - such a sweet look!


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