diy bathroom shelves

26 July 2012

A long time ago (almost 2 years), on a blog far, far away (okay, my blog.) I shared a deal. I told you that these shelf clips were 20% off at the Container Store with free shipping and that I had plans for them.shelf clip 2
Well, I did, but I am just NOW getting around to using them. ‘Tis life around here.

Anyway, you basically attach the clips to the wall. Try to screw them into studs. If that’s not possible, you’ve gotta use wall anchors (like these)
the shelf clip
Use a level to make sure your shelves are going to be straight, bathroom shelves 2
Insert an little sticky foam piece, and then insert your shelves. That’s it! I love these little things~strong and sturdy and any of you could install them.. I would do a late night commercial for them if I could. And I can’t wait to accessorize them…my favorite part!bathroom shelves
For my shelves, I just got a 9 1/4 inch deep, 3/4 inch deep pine board and had home depot cut it to size. These are about 29 inches long. Then, I stained them with gel stain. This is the same stain I used on the bathroom cabinet….much more on that to come! (I’ve also used gel stain here and here and here. Love it.)bathroom shleves 3
You know I love open shelves in bathrooms for extra storage~they’re functional and just open the space up.
Next up….mirror!kids bathroom 2
(no affiliation with container store or shelf clips…just passing along a great little find)


  1. I love this idea!  I can think of a few rooms in my house that could benefit from some shelves.

  2. These are fabulous, Melissa!  I think I'm going to go with some of these in my master bath and my daughter's bath.  Thanks for the tip!

  3. Glad I'm not the only one who takes a long time to use the things I buy!  Great idea for storage.

  4. Melissa, is it a coincidence that I am currently looking for an innovative bathroom concept for an upcoming DIY project? Thanks for sharing this.

  5. Sherryhdesigns1/16/14, 9:12 PM

    Brilliant!  I hope to be tackling a project like that this weekend!

  6. Melissa, I've been reading your blog for only a few weeks now but I absolutely LOVE how real you are about your life - everything from this shelf that sat around for 2 years to your post on contentment in your home to running to buy maps before a family vacation (i would totally do that too, fyi). you make me feel assured that i'm not the only other crazy lady out there.


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