keeping a fresh kitchen: taking a look at the new GE french fridge

27 August 2012

Truthfully, the only way I know to keep a fresh kitchen all day is tojune-2012-026-1_thumbquickly tidy it before we leave,
kitchen-clean_thumb1[4]and then take off for the day!

Let’s go blueberry picking!
and cool off at our favorite covered bridge.june-2012-043-1_thumb

Today, I have the opportunity to help introduce GE's innovative French Refrigerator!
They are beautiful. And I want one. Let’s look at some of the cool features.
If I wanted to keep my blueberries fresh + the produce I picked up from a local stand by that bridge,
I could put it in one of the GE French Door Refrigerator drawers and choose an electronic button to maintain the fresh taste:
Another feature that I saw and loved is the PreciseFill:
Fill up pots, pans, or water bottles with filtered water while you are working on the other side of the kitchen: you tell it how much water to put in AND it has a tall dispenser so you don’t have to tilt a heavy pitcher at just the right angle to fill it up.
Don't forget to check out the Freshpedition - The new French Door Refrigerator is so advanced, GE filled one with the freshest food they could find, hooked it up to a generator and ventured over 2000 miles in a Ford F-150 to a remote desert to surprise a homesick scientist with a home-cooked meal. Watch the adventure!
Be sure to visit the GE Appliances brand page on where you can read other bloggers’ posts!
Did you go berry picking this summer? Or, any tips on how you keep a fresh kitchen?
*This post is sponsored by BlogHer for GE’s French Door Fridge and their “Fresh Kitchen” campaign. I didn’t get a fridge (darn it) and all opinions are my own.

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  1. I have to say, I love your Smith & Co sign over your door!


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