courage for the week 9.30.12

30 September 2012

 For the past couple of years, I have shared a quote or scripture every Sunday as part of my "courage for the week." It has become my favorite part of blogging. It has been so good for me to always be on the look out for little nuggets of wisdom that inspire me, that I can then pass along to you. My hope is that courage for the week gives you a little boost as you face your realities, or at least something to think about, because don't we all need a little courage as we take on the upcoming week?

Today's courage for the week is a bit different~it's about something that is dear to my heart, that guides everything in my life. I am a Mormon, and I have joined an amazing group of bloggers that are sharing some experiences of why we are Mormon, what brought us to where we are, and why we believe what we do. You may recognize some of your favorite bloggers on the list?

 Mariel - Or so she says..
Camille ~ Six Sisters Stuff
Leigh Anne ~ Your Homebased Mom
Megan ~ Brassy Apple
Reachel ~ Cardigan Empire
Caroline ~ Armelle Blog
Carrian ~ Sweet Basil
Melissa ~ 320 Sycamore
Shandra ~ Deals to Meals
Kristyn ~ Lil' Luna
Kelli ~ Lolly Jane
Stephanie ~ Somewhat Simple
Becky ~ UCreate
Arianne ~ Still Parenting
Shawni ~ 71 Toes
Lindsey ~ The R House
Kirsten ~ The Crafting Chicks 
Melanie ~ Sugardoodle
Kierste ~ Brown Paper Packages
Shelley ~ How Does She? 
Brooke ~ The Crafting Chicks

Mariel, from Or So She Says has compiled a packet of thoughts and scriptures from each of us, giving a peek into our feelings about the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are offering them, along with a Book of Mormon, for free sent to your door straight from mine (or whomever you request it from). No strings attached. I won't give out any of your info, or send out people to visit you, it's just yours to keep.

Why the Book of Mormon too?  Well, it would be impossible to really understand us without it.  It is a major part of our religion, our lives...and part of WHY we are Mormon.  The Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ.  It is the ancient records of prophets who lived in the Americas before, during and after Christ’s time on earth. It does not replace the Bible in any way, it is another testament of Christ, additional witnesses of His life and teachings. We simply want to share the good news that God lives and that He has a plan for each of us. He sent his son, Jesus, to show the way, to lift us from sin, and to bring peace and love into our lives.

If you would like one, please email me at I'll let you know when to expect it!
Thanks for letting me share something that means so much to me~


  1. Hi Melissa...I do something similar in my blog but it is called "For the Soul Sundays." I am a Mormon too. Love your blog.

  2. Oh, Melissa.  I love you so.  God bless you for sharing your faith.  And as an elderly friend of mine used to say, "Thank God for Jesus!"


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