best tree in town

09 October 2012

It’s the best, most beautiful tree in town. The first one to change this glorious color in the fall:autumn tree

Does anyone remember Pollyanna? It reminds me of this clip:
Jimmy Bean: “There it is…up there. The best climbing tree in town. Isn’t it a beauty?”
Pollyanna: “Well, of all the stupid, little juvenile tricks. Do you mean to tell me you brought me all the way up here just to see a crummy old….a crummy old tree??”
Jimmy: “Don’t you even want to climb it?”

best tree ever 4
best tree ever 1
It’s on an old farm property and walking around makes you feel like you’ve stepped back in time.
best tree ever 2

The old, boarded up house makes me sad. How many memories there must be under that tree…but now it’s surrounded by student apartments. It reminds me of the Little House.

best tree ever 3
Does anyone else get nostalgic about old trees and homes?


  1. Kathleen Haisten1/8/14, 8:08 AM

    That is one great tree!  Isn't it amazing how a tree can make you feel good?

  2. ***O U T S T A N D I N G !***  and like you I can only imagine the stories that tree could tell... *sigh*. So what's with the house? Why hasn't someone claimed it!?! Interestingly it was a quiet beauty as well. Great post!

  3. I love fall and all the colors the leaves turns. This tree is beautiful!

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