Under $10 Under 1 Hour Fall Party : 2012 Edition

16 October 2012

Hello, friends! It’s time to party: here are a couple of quick Under $10 Under 1 Hour projects I threw together.
First up, an acorn frame. We collected some acorns on a hike we took last month,acorn frame

I just picked up a dollar store frame, and hot glued them around the edge. I included a picture form the hike. I just want to kiss those cute faces.
From that same dollar tree, I grabbed some cinnamon sticks, and a vanilla candle. dollar tree cinnamon sticks
I cut the cinnamon sticks with my little garden pruner and hot glued them to the candle.cinnamon stick candle
That’s it.acorn frame white pumpkin
I cannot wait to see what you’ve been working on!
Just a few things to remember:
*please only one link per blog, but you can put several projects in one post if you would like
*it has to be a project under $10, under 1 hour, no shops or advertising.
*please visit and comment on the 2 links before yours. That’s the best part of these parties, the comments and interaction!
* please add the button to your blog:
under $10 under 1 hr party 2012 320 Sycamore
Thank you!!


  1. I love the acorn frame. I haven't been acorn hunting yet this year but it's on my list. I love the candles too. Thanks for the great ideas and the fun party. 

  2. Melissa!  Honestly.  You are a genius!  The acorn frame is adorable and the cinnamon-stick candle??  Well, girl, you're about to see that copied all over the blogosphere, I'll bet you a dollar.  (And with my winning dollar I'll buy cinnamon sticks and create beautiful candles, of course.)

    Thank you so much for hosting this party!  I think these are some of the best parties out there--fun, do-able projects.  Yes!!


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