The vote in your home

07 November 2012

320 Sycamore is 4 years old! How can that be?? When I began, I said it was about “bringing out the charm and potential in our homes and families with a bit of nonsense and good deals scattered here and there.” I’ve tried to hold true to that, but honestly on some days, not posting is the best thing I can do for my family.

As we voted yesterday, I couldn’t help but think, will this even matter? This one vote? But today, I am grateful for a bigger vote I have: the influence in my home.

No matter who leads in national and local governments, the largest movement for good I can or ever will have is right here in my home.  I can inspire what goes on here. The mood in our home, how I respond to situations, how we take care of our money, how we deal with struggles and setbacks, what we teach our children about God, helping others, kindness, and love. Even monotonous things that make life a little easier for the ones I love like good food and clean socks. Some days it doesn’t seem like much. In fact, most days I wonder if I am doing any good and that I may be taking us backward. I have to believe though, that when my kids look back at their childhood, this or that election will be tiny compared to the feeling that we had in our home.

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  1. What an empowering post!  This brings peace to my heart.  :)

  2. Thanks for the reminder! I needed it! (Still wearing black!:( I Loved the way you put it and I love you and miss those kids!!

  3. Redbarncandleco1/8/14, 2:58 PM

    And THIS is why I love you and your blog. So true and so real! I have to share! :)!/redbarncandlecompany


  4. Hi, stopping by from Sarah's blog. Your post is spot on. It all begins in the home and that is where we have the most influence. I can't help but feel a tinge of fear, however, for my children. They are growing up in a world where many don't teach values at home. I hope our kids have the strength to be a testament to their values in the world.

  5. I appreciate your comments, and agree that as wives and
    mothers we are fully responsible for modeling holiness by loving God, our
    husband, and our children. However, I am surprised at how many women I meet who
    communicate that voting is the only way to participate in preserving integrity
    in our government. Often my friends paint a picture that legislation really
    doesn't matter on a day-to-day basis, so why do they need to be concerned or
    even involved in it? Or, since God is in control anyway, why should they invest
    any time or energy in that? Imagine living in a society where children are
    forced to attend state schools. Sex education is taught at four years old,
    students are forced to read books with licentiousness and anti-Judeo-Christian
    God content, and students are asked  invasive  questions about their
    home life - if the parents are teaching them the Bible, spanking them, etc. If
    the parents have an objection about something their child is involved with, or
    refuses to follow the instructions of social workers who periodically make home
    visits, the children are taken away and put into a foster home. This, my
    friends, is what some countries in Europe are like, and what is beginning to
    happen here in the United States. The funny thing is, when I mention this to my
    friends (who are primarily also mothers), they have no interest in supporting a
    lobbying group, donating money, calling senators, getting the truth out, or
    anything of this nature. They simply won't believe that their freedoms as a
    parent to raise their children in a God-fearing way could ever be infringed
    upon. If we put up no fight when wicked men and women in power tear down our
    ability to raise our children in the love of Christ, or choose
    "ignorance"    (as if somehow refusing
    to read or hear about these threats excuses us from doing anything about it), I
    believe we will stand before God ashamed of our negligence. We do find time for
    our craft and parties and other activities. Why not find a little time to love
    our children by participating in efforts that allow us to enjoy the beautiful harvest
    of a home life that is built on Christ. For those interested, here are some
    links to begin with (and there are hundreds more):

    Concerned women of America:
    Parental Rights Organization:
    Home school legal Defense:


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