tidbits 11.13.12

13 November 2012

I knocked over one of my very favorite lamps down in the storage room when I was bringing out Halloween stuff:october 2012 005
THEN, my boys were throwing a ball inside (naughty!) and broke the wiring in another lamp, so I took the wiring from that ^ one top and put it in this one using Lindsay’s tutorial. Yay for reincarnation of lamps!
october 2012 007

tired of making cookie dough balls? Just make it into a big pie :) it was actually really good.october 2012 003
ride ‘em cowboy! this poor american girl doll horse (actually, it’s the target brand one)
october 2012 019

And, yay! It’s coming! I’ve got some guest bloggers to share their favorites, and then of course it’s your turn.
And it’s on the coolest date ever:favorite things 2012
mark your calendars!
and a few deals:
from Kris10 in the comments: * Snapfish has 50% off site-side (excluding prints) through 11/16/12 with the code NOEL2012.
* Oriental Trading Co. has free shipping on any size order for 4 days, 11/13-11/16. Enter keycode WCE3686 for free shipping.
Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 $49.99 (this is the best price I have seen on this!)
LEGO Ninjago: Character Encyclopedia $10
Happy Tuesday~


  1.  I totally commented on the wrong blog post....LOL.....wow it's definitely Monday!

  2. So sorry about your lamp!!  I'm glad you were able to rescue part of it, at least.  

    Looking forward to the Favorite Things!  Love the graphic you created--you're good! :)

    By the way, I'm having a giveaway right now.  $100 gift card to the retailer of the winner's choice.  No strings, no sponsor, just thankful for online friends.  

  3. melissa*320 sycamore1/16/14, 9:11 PM

    that is hilarious. :) Great advice though! I never started with my boys until they were at least 2 and a half.


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