Top 12 Christmas Card Ideas

16 November 2012

12 Christmas Card Ideas at 320 Sycamore
Are you tired of writing the same old letter telling how old everyone is, what dance class Suzy is in, how many A’s Sally got, and how many soccer goals Henry scored? Here are some creative ideas to spice up your Christmas card this year:
12. Do a top 10 list for the year: list your favorite highlights of the year David Letterman style. Or 12 for 2012, card ideas 1

11. Send them a photo collage!minted gallery

10. Spell out your last name vertically and use each letter for an important happening of the year.

9. Be creative with fonts and word shapes:minted word tree

8. Make your own crossword puzzle to let them know what your family has been up to! You can include the answers, or not.

6. Give your year in numbers. This was ours about 5 years ago:christmas card ideas

4. write the letter from the baby or dog’s point of view.

3. If things haven’t changed much from last year, simple is always beautiful. minted joy

2. Make a multiple choice quiz for your letter. The answers can be all of the above, or you can include an answer key

1. welcome a new addition:minted new addition
What are the best christmas card ideas that you’ve seen?signature
*Minted is supplying my Christmas cards this year. All thoughts and writing are my own, and I picked my favorite styles to share with you.

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