Happy ♥ Day!

14 February 2013

I totally got sucked in on an endcap in Target a few months ago. (How many posts have been started with these words, I ask??)
I saw this marked down to this
fortune cookie maker
and how could anyone resist a happy, cherry red FORTUNE COOKIE MAKER for  $8.98??

They turned out pretty darn cute, but they took us a good 3-4 hours to whip out about 80 for my kids’ classes. We didn’t put any fancy notes on the outside,valentine day fortune cookies
but here are some of the fortunes my kids came up with to put inside the cookies:
You are going to have the best weekend EVER!
You will become the president of the United States.
You will win gold at the Olympics.
An alien from Mars will visit you tonight.
You will find something you have lost.
You will be a backup dancer for Justin Bieber.
You will get an A on your next 3 tests.
You will eat this fortune cookie!
You will push the snooze button many times.
You will be on T.V.
You will feel hungry again in 2 hours.
You will know that                 thinks you are the best teacher ever!
It was a good time, but I’m still scraping dried chocolate and sprinkles off of everything.kitchen aftermath
I hope you all have a wonderful day!
Here are a few good “love” reads I’ve come across lately:
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* 16 Ways I Blew My Marriage
Happy ♥ Day~


  1. My fav...."You'll be hungry again in 2 hours"....totally true :)

  2. melissa*320 sycamore1/16/14, 10:42 PM

     Yes, it is public school but it doesn't seem to be an issue here. :) We've had the no homemade rule in other schools though. We did have fun doing them!


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