the easiest girly pillow ever * how to make a pillow

12 February 2013

Back down in Hailey’s room with a super easy, super quick, super cute pillow. Here we go:easy diy girls pillow
Grab a pillow. This one is looking kind of flat and sad. Let’s fix that.sad flat pillow

If you can’t afford a nice, fluffy down pillow insert, here is a handy trick. Stuff 2 old flat pillows into a pillow cover for a stuff 2 flat pillows into one cover

happy, fat, firm pillow. Not the most comfortable for laying on, but great for looks and keeping it’s shape.fat happy pilllow

Grab a mega roll of tulle that you got at a yard sale for 25 cents:feb 2013 013

Wrap it around the pillow and tie a double knot. diy pillow girls room
Then cut another strip and tie another double knot around that one. And then another. And another, and another.
Cut them down to about the same size, and there you go.easy diy pillow girls room

A fluffy firework pillow perfect for a girl’s room. It kind of reminds me of a ballerina skirt too. :)easy diy pillow tie tulle into knots and cut
Most definitely under $10 and under 1 hour! 
Any easy pillow solutions you’ve discovered lately?signature
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