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18 April 2013

Do you remember my spicy fix back in 2011? Well, it was great for those 8 spices, but I didn’t have any more ornament tins, so my spice drawer didn’t take long to look like this:spice drawer before
Ahhhhh! Stop the spice madness!

First, let’s be honest, Target/Archer Farms has the cutest spices ever:target spices
But $5-$6 a pop isn’t so cute. But that’s okay!
For my birthday, I got to take a trip out to visit family and guess what was close by??
Wahoo! I loaded up on these and packed them on my bag back home:
ikea spice containers
the rajtan and grundtal containers, about $1 each
Then, I created some simple round labels in PicMonkey and printed them off on sticker sheets of paper
avery sticker sheets with picmonkey labels
On to the top of the jars they went,
ikea spice jars
Laaaaaaaahhhh! So much better. For my extracts, I ordered some little bottles with aluminum caps here. (warning: the prices seem great, but then shipping is killer)
print spice names out, cut, paste
I also added some more to the side of my fridge, which is right above the spice drawer.spices on fridge with magnet
Don’t worry, I got extra in case I branch out and try some crazy new spice. For now, smoked paprika is about as exorbitant as things get around here.
spice drawer
It’s amazing what organized spices can do for the soul. Where do you keep your spices? Have you come up with a system that works? I’d love to hear~

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