some things I have learned about being a Mom

10 May 2013

every year, I have asked guest bloggers and friends to share their thoughts about being a Mom. To be honest, I wasn’t on the ball this year and forgot to ask. Bad Melissa. So here are some of my own thoughts about being a Mom:

* if you start collecting a dollar right when your second baby is born for every time someone tells you that you have your hands full, you will be set for retirement at age 35.

* rice and pasta sweep up so much easier the next morning when they are all dried up.

june 2008 119

* if your child has a stomach ache and you send him to school, he’ll throw up in front of everyone. If you let him stay at home, he’ll be fine.

* empty the bottom rack of the dishwasher first.

* keep fingernail clippers, q-tips, and wipes in your bag at all times. Then you can pull them out and go to town while you are waiting in the exam room at the drs office and it will look like you are a proper, well groomed family by the time the Dr. shows up.

* dark colored boys’ underwear is your friend.

spencer hailey mud

* a child that wakes up first, finishes the favorite cereal, and then leaves the empty box on the counter will do more damage to the morning than no clean socks + no cash for the field trip + no box tops for the final contest combined.

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You are a Mom. We are Moms.

The ones that imagine how big the mountain of toilet paper rolls and empty shampoo bottles would be if we didn’t throw them away. The ones that know how to stack the cards just right for a super quick game of Candy Land, and that know how to find that darn dollar the tooth fairy left when no one else can.

landon cake

When we are sweeping, we know the difference between crumbs and sticks and Dumbledore’s wand from the lego set. We curse the masterminds who put candy at the checkout and bless the ones that came up with adjustable waist bands. Our hearts ache at the words, “strike 3!” or “ I didn’t play with anyone” more than anyone else.

girls marker

We are the ones that can set the tone in the home, whatever a blessing or curse that may be. With our words, reactions, or listening ear we can build, encourage, comfort, and inspire. And when days don’t go as we hoped they would and we see those sweet faces sleeping at night, every unkind word and retort comes piercing back to our hearts. And yet, we get up and try again the next day, to bite our tongue, to not raise our voice, to be patient when it is taking 17 minutes to get a shoe and sock on, and to be interested in hearing about the 7th grade field trip at 10:30 when we just want to drop dead into bed.

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You are doing so much better than you think you are.

You are the Mom that God gave to your children. You are exactly what they need. Your kids don’t care what other Moms are doing, just what you do. You have a tiny idea of how much God loves His children because you know how fiercely you love yours. I know this is a blog about bringing out the potential in your homes, but what you build inside of them will be forever more important than what you build or makeover inside your home. You all know that, but it’s good to hear again again and again.

first time mom

I love being a Mom, and it’s the hardest thing I have ever done. But it’s always the hard things that are most worth it.

Happy Mother’s Day to each of you~signature


  1. This post was beautiful and made me laugh and even tear up! Great post :)

  2. Your Mum sounds amazing. What a beautiful tribute to her. Enjoy each other! God Bless xx


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