under the sink organization

22 May 2013

I was so inspired when I saw how Alejandra organized under her sink!  As in, I came across it at 10 p.m. while I was perusing Pinterest, was mournful that we don’t have a Container Store within driving distance and I even thought about driving out to our 24 hr Walmart right then and there to see if they had open stackable bins.

I restrained myself though, and headed out the next day and this is what I found:

- nesting bins from Walmart or Amazon and nesting bins at the Dollar Tree. As an alternative I also love these 2 tier drawers that are also slide out!

organizing with stackable bins

plus a shower caddy at the dollar store that I cut the bottom shelf off:dollar store shower caddy

And then I cleared the nightmare under the sink out. And yes, that is a Bumpit you see stashed in the back!!under sink before

Oh dear.

take it all out

I hung the cut off shower caddy on a little screw,hairspray on dollar store shower caddy

and everything else went into the bins. It’s sooo nice to just reach in and grab instead of digging through dark piles.

Who needs therapy?? Spend $10 and organize under your sink!

under sink organization

And I didn’t stop there. It’s the give a mouse a cookie syndrome, if you start there, then you go to the other sink, then the hall closet, and then….more coming!! Watch out…


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