tidbits 8.30.13

30 August 2013

chairs at the yard sale: I so hated to see them go!chairs at yard sale
the kids couldn’t stand it anymore: the toys were all packed up, and they busted out the legos one afternoon after church.legos in garage

Before I got rid of all of my spray paint, I had a wild idea to spray paint crocs. It didn’t work.spray painted crocs
water slide!waterslide
As we were packing up, I found a knex set that I had stashed away for a birthday or Christmas. I let him at it, and it bought me 2 glorious afternoons of quiet packing.k nex
Last parade:last parade
Last baseball game:last baseball game
Enough of this moving business!no more loading
Have a wonderful holiday weekend!! I’ll be back posting with a vengeance in September!

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