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27 August 2013

We are in Utah. Trying to get settled, moved in, back into somewhat of a normal life. For any of you that have had a big move, you know how physically and emotionally draining and exhausting it is. To leave everything that is familiar and comfortable and recognizable and to come to everything new. Brand new.
Even little things like getting used to like where things are in the grocery store or how the new schools handle snacks and pick up lines, and changing the addresses to your favorite magazines. Walking into a large room of people where everyone seems to know each other and suddenly feeling very alone. And the big things like finding a new family doctor , my husband adjusting to a new position, and praying that your kids will be able to make new friends and feel comfortable.  Filling out all of the FORMS. The forms! Probably the worst part, wouldn’t you say?
It’s coming though, and I just have to remind myself that it takes TIME. Time to get to know people, to develop routines, to organize the house so it’s comfortable and things can be found and it can be a lovely place to come home to instead of cardboard boxes and chaos. And trying to determine the bare minimum to unpack because we’ll have to do it all again in less than a year: we are renting right now and have decided to build, and that adds a whole other dimension of stress.

I’ve never done this before : I feel like I’m good at seeing the potential in things to try to make them beautiful, but to be able to choose things brand new and beautiful (within a budget still, of course) from the beginning? It’s a bit daunting, and a LOT of decisions all at once, where usually I like to take one. room. at. a. time. We want this home to be IT though, and after looking at all of the options (and believe, me it seems like we looked at every single one!) it felt the best for us. Exciting and terrifying all at the same time.
Yesterday I dropped everything and made strawberry freezer jam (easy, good recipe from here) because they had 8 lbs of very ripe strawberries at the grocery store for $5. You know I really have a hard time passing up great deals!! And even though I had to go down to the basement twice to dig through boxes to find a bowl and potato masher, it felt good to make something, amid all of the eating out and paper plates. The kids loved coming home to something good to eat. And our landlord delivered the washer and dryer, so it was a good day. Laundromats got so old so quickly. What a luxury it is to walk down a little hall and put a load of laundry in!
strawberry jam
So, that’s my little update. Of course I’ll be back with some pictures, progress, questions for you, and some pure fluff as well. Thanks for your concern and support and checking in to make sure I was still alive. I am, somewhat. :)
Happy Tuesday my dear readers~

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