top 10 things we’ll miss about Virginia

02 August 2013

1. The gorgeous seasons, especially the fall and spring. Unbeatable.autumn

2. Rolling green hills: everywhere else seems rather brown after living here.

3. the fireflies: is there anything more magical than sitting on the porch on a summer night and watching the twinkling lights in the trees?

4. blue jays & cardinals & dogwoods. I will miss our colorful friends at the bird feeder and the dogwoods in the spring. Did you know they are the VA state flower?april 2011 015 1

5. the red bridge (Sinking Creek Bridge outside of Newport, VA)~a perfect place for a picnic lunch on the way up to go blueberry picking (we love Woodall Blueberries) or quick wade in the creek. So many memories here.
sinking creek bridge

6. Blacksburg: the fantastic schools in a quiet town with the benefits of a University influence (go Hokies!). A friend and I were talking and saying how we appreciated how families are valued here~I have never had rude comments about having 5 kids (and believe me, we’ve had them in other places).

7. Yummy food: pepperoni rolls from Roma’s Pizza, the Frosty Parrot downtown, Carol Lee donuts!

8. No sprinklers: God does the watering in this part of the country.

9. History everywhere you turn. Civil War, Revolutionary War, heck…our country started here in Jamestown.

10. The people. Wonderful, down-to-earth, come as you are, friendly people. Oh, how we’ll miss our friends here.  

And top 3 things we won't miss?
1. Humidity
2. Skunks
3. Poison Ivy
Virginia people, let’s hear it! What do you love about this wonderful state?


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