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20 September 2013

clock 6
Happy Friday! I’m so excited to introduce you to my baby sister, Kerri. She was married 3 years ago (some posts on that here and here) and just moved Florida. This girl is amazing: she’s a registered dietician, super smart, she has crazy good sense of style (always looks amazing!), and she’s crafty too. I’m hoping some of her fashion sense will wear off on me one day. We all love her because she is a ton of fun and has a heart of Aunt Kerri

You should have seen the Olympics she and her husband put on for the kids at our family reunion this year:summer olympics 1
summer olympics
She has a Silhouette and is waaaay more crafty than I am, so she’s here to share a Halloween project with you all. Welcome, Kerri!
My mom gave me some of her old home décor after I was first married, including a large red clock that was great in our kitchen. We recently moved to Miami for my husband’s graduate school and hauling everything more than 3,000 miles cross country is tough on home decor. This clock was no exception--it did not fare well. I was really disappointed considering we are on a student budget and a lot of it can’t be replaced. I was about to throw it away and thought “hmmm, maybe I could do something with this.” Well, here is how that “something” turned out—not too bad for my first Silhouette project right?? The best part is: it cost less than $3.50!
AFTER:clock 6
Disclaimer: I wasn’t planning on sharing this with anyone so my pictures are lacking for each step. Also, apologies for my complete lack of knowledge about photography, just bear with me here J
· Old Flat-Face Clock
· Silhouette
· Black Vinyl
· Spider Pattern (I downloaded mine from the Silhouette Store with an online credit)
· Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint from Wal Mart in Parchment White and Blackclip_image006
· Foam Paint Brushes (3” and 1”)
1) Remove clock hands and any hardware (may not be applicable to all clocks)
2) Lay out newspaper and paint base coat with large foam brush taking care to avoid drips off the edge of the clock
3) Let dry completely and apply a second coat
4) Using a dabbing motion free hand the black border with the 1” foam brush. Make it as thick or thin as you would like. Mine was about a half an inch. The beauty of a Halloween clock and sponge brushing it is that it doesn’t have to be perfect!
5) Using your silhouette program type in the 13, “Spooky”, and copy and paste 12 spiders. 3 will be large and 8 will be small. Exact measurements depend on how large your clock face is. (Note: I only did 2 large spiders because of the hole/hardware on my clock)
Here are some screen-shots of my silhouette program so you can get an idea of what sizes I did. Each square is 1”.
-Spooky Font: MTF Frozen Solid
-13 Font: AR Blanca, stretched horizontal a bit
6) If you have hardware, re-attach it before applying the vinyl to get a better sense of spacing.
7) Apply the “13” and three large spiders on first then fill in the gaps with the small spiders. I just eye-balled it but measuring is probably best practice.
8) Re-install your clock hands and you are done! Yay! Now go to the dollar store and get cute accessories to put around it.
clock 5
clock 4
Price Breakdown:
· Clock= free
· 3 Bottles of Paint @ $.048 Each = $1.44
* Note: I really only needed one of each paint color but I bought two of the antique parchment since it was a larger clock (and drivers here are insane and I didn’t want to have to venture out again).
· 1 Pack of Foam Brushes @ $0.99
· Spider Download 1 @ $0.99
TOTAL: $3.42
Farewell from Miami! Hope you are enjoying the changing leaves and cooler weather. That is something I will miss this year :(
She’s the best. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Oh, but I’ll be here on Saturday and Sunday, don’t you worry about that:
30 days september

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