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04 September 2013

One of the things I have had the most fun playing around with on my camera is the exposure dial. Basically, how much light is coming to your picture. Here it is on my Canon:
When you push this button,exposure on camera

the screen will come up and this is what you want to look at:exposure range

while you are pushing down that av button I just showed above, you turn this dial and it will move your cursor up and down the scale. If you move left, it will be darker. If you move right, your picture will let more light exposure dial
Here is the dial at 0:0 exposure
Here it is one notch to the left (-.7) See the difference? I like the top one better.
-.7 exposure
Here is a great example when we were out walking (back in Virginia) and losing light fast. I wanted to catch the colors in the tree, but I needed more light.
Here it is at –1:-1 exposure

Moved the dial to the right a few notches to +1: 1 exposure
And one more notch to +1.3: 1.3 exposure
See the difference?
It is so fun to play with and will change your pictures. You should be able to adjust it on any camera, even your phone pictures. Look under “exposure” or “exposure settings” and have fun tinkering around with it! Here is the article that got me hooked and will give you even more examples.
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