wood pocket organizer makeover

16 October 2013

We needed some organization around here. I’m missing our back entryway in our previous home with a place for everyone to drop their junk! Our rental has a tiny entryway that is actually part of our living room and I’m trying to come up with some creative methods to keep everything somewhat orderly.
before after paper organizer

I loved the wood wall pockets at Ballard, but $119 for 4 pockets??ballard wood pocket organizers
I took my first trip to a thrift store here and was thrilled when I found this dirty cherry wood organizer for $6:organizer before
I cleaned it up, took off the previous labels (it looks like it was in a doctor’s office) and used some trusty de-glosser that I had packed away from our move. It’s been a trusty friend on many projects. After de-glossing I spray painted it a cream color. Use lots of light coats rather than one or two heavy ones.liquid sander
The most expensive part of the project was the adhesive metal bookplates at Staples. They were $5 for a 3 pack, but I loved them and think they were worth it.paper organizer after
paper organizer makeover
Total: $6 for the wood organizer at DI (a thrift store in Utah), can of spray paint 3.75, and the bookplates from Staples $10 = about $20. Working on another project in the entryway to show you soon!
Happy Wednesday~

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